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February 2017       
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If months had themes, I would say the theme for February is passion Last Saturday, more than 130 members came together for the Midwinter Gathering. We ate, laughed, made merry and were inspired by each other's passion for the incredible confines of Door County The  room was filled with an abundance of love for Door County's exceptional lands and waters and a renewed sense of our obligation to care for these special lands...forever. 
In 2016 with your help, we protected 663 Door County acres . B ut , as so many of us know, acquisition is just the beginning of our commitment to these lands. Being good steward s of the land means protecting the resilience of nature, influencing when necessary  and diligently watching the power of the land to heal itself. And while we take on these tasks, we learn from the land and are rejuvenated by it.
Over the coming year, you'll have several opportunities to learn more about the healing power of nature. Your first 2017 opportunity to do so take s place Saturday, February 25 at the Solitude Natural Area.  Details may be found below. 


Tom Clay
Executive Director, Door County Land Trust

Caring for Door County_s Special Places
Hike at Solitude Natural Area: Caring for Door County's Special Places

Saturday, February 25  -  10am-12pm
Free  -  Members only

Join us for a special hike of the Solitude Natural Area. Preserve Steward Paul Sterrenberg will share his passion for this special place and tell the story of how this land came to be protected. Learn more about the Door County Land Trust's commitment to caring for land after its initial protection. Solitude Natural Area is partially wooded and partially an open field. The relatively flat terrain makes for wonderful winter walking or snowshoeing, if we should be so lucky! 
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Jodi Milske
Farewell to Jodi Milske, Land Restoration Specialist

After 15 years with the Land Trust, serving as Land Restoration Specialist, growing and developing the land stewardship program, Jodi Milske is retiring. Jodi's grant-writing and restoration vision has ensured that vital areas of wildlife habitat have been restored to health, that areas of endangered and threatened plants have been monitored and researched, and that the Land Trust's network of conservation partnerships have remained strong. Jodi will continue to share her expertise of local flora by working with Door Landscape and Nursery. Thank you for contributing to the health of this beautiful county. 

We'll be sharing more about the history and significance of Jodi's work in the coming weeks. 

2017 Midwinter Gathering
Thanks for a great Gathering!

This past weekend marked the 17th winter gathering for Land Trust members and friends. While the name of the event and the location has changed, the strong sense of community and a love of the land remain strong.  Many thanks are due to those who attended and supported this fundraiser, but also to the many volunteers who helped at the event. Special thanks is due to the Midwinter Gathering Team: Kathy Blankenburg, Gail Mullaney, Penny Beerntsen, Lucy Klug, Judy Lokken, and Windsor McCutcheon.

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Winter Exploration on Washington Island

Even though Washington Island is just a hop, skip and jump from the arctic circle, hike leaders took a weekend expedition in late January. Armed with skis and snowshoes, they embarked on a journey to the farthest reaches of the wetland areas that can only be visited when frozen.

Saving the Knowles-Nelson Stewardship Program

The Knowles-Nelson Stewardship Program has been providing funding to the state, local governments, land trusts, and other non-profits to protect land for more than 25 years. This fund has been vital to protecting Door County's exceptional lands and waters. Wisconsin's latest budget proposal maintains funding for this program, but community support is needed to ensure the program remains funded in the final budget. 

To find out the latest news on the Knowles-Nelson Stewardship Program and to learn how to comment on this important program,  visit the Gathering Waters: Wisconsin's Alliance for Land Trusts website.
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The Door County Land Trust is a local, non-profit organization working to preserve Door County's open spaces, scenic beauty and ecological integrity. The Land Trust has protected more than 7,600 acres and is supported by more than 2,200 members. 
Door County Land Trust nature preserves are open to the public at no charge for hiking, cross-country skiing, wildlife observation, some forms of hunting, and other low-impact, non-motorized recreational activities. 
For more information on the Door County Land Trust and to make a contribution of support, please visit: or call (920)746-1359.  

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