Welcome to the Fellowship of Christian Athletes!
We were blessed to fish with 10 fine gentlemen associated with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes.  This organization is famous for all it does for our youth.  We salute the fine folks that make the organization such a success, and are honored to be associated with such a wonderful group!
Fellowship of Christian Athlete Group

Hope to see them again soon!!!
***Special Announcement!***

May is 
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Steinhatchee Florida  
"quit wishing and come fishing!"
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Let's EAT!

The trout fishing is improving every week. The bite is getting better and better, with larger catches hitting the docks. That being said, May is ALSO one of the absolute best months for chasing another exciting fish.


Here in Steinhatchee we have one of the best populations of Sharks in the region.   Bull Sharks , S p i n n e r s , Hammerheads , Bonnetheads , Sand Sharks .  You name it!  We have many folks who come down and want to catch these toothy critters. 

Shark fishing is usually something we don't advertise, but something that we do for some regular clients when requested. Lately, we have seen and caught so many sharks that we are going to offer trips to new customers as well as old.

We know many folks have never caught a shark.  Young and old alike.  It is quite a thrill, whether your very 1st shark or your 100th.  Just ask your kids if they want to catch a shark.  See what they say!

It is an  adrenaline  overload! 
Julie with Southern Outdoors pets a "puppy shark."

Julie tangles with a HUGE ANGRY BULL SHARK!

We can do combo trips for trout, redfish and sharks when requested!

Some photos of fish caught in April...

Dave from Sarasota with a scary big Gator!
Billy from Perry Georgia with another massive GATOR TROUT!

Julie from Southern Outdoors in Perry Georgia with a two massive trout caught on day two of her trip.

Julie on day 3 with another HUGE GATOR trout and her FIRST REDFISH!
Not much more I can say about the fish caught over the past few weeks.  I think you will agree, the photos speak for themselves.  While we can't guarantee everyone will catch monsters like these, one thing is for certain.

You dang sure won't catch them if you aren't here.  You won't catch them sitting at home, wishing you were fishing!!!!!!!!!

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Follow us to some fun fishing!

Scallop season is JUST AROUND THE CORNER.
That special time of year when we are blessed with the opportunity to jump out of the boat and collect those delectable crustaceans is about to be upon us.  

If you have never done it, it is an absolute blast.  We swim the clear waters in the grass flats of the Gulf of Mexico.  Some equate it to an "adult Easter Egg hunt."

Most who try it are hooked, and come back again and again.  Many go every weekend!
A nice box of FRESH SCALLOPS!
The captains here at YKnotFish make it EASY!  

Bring you own mask fins and snorkel.  We supply the bags and buckets, coolers, ice and water. We take you to the best Scallop grounds we know.  

Simply bring your swimming equipment (which can be purchased at several locations locally), what you want to eat and drink.  What could be easier?!?!?  

Come by yourself, or bring a few friends and family.  We can handle groups large and small.

The Scallop Grounds.  Great Family Fun for Everyone!

Making it happen!

It could not be easier to book with us.

Fishing trips are $400 for a half day, and $500 for a full day, up to four people. 

Scallop trips are $400 for up to six.  

Call about fish/scallop combo trip pricing. 

Visit our website to see current specials that we may be offering.

We are booking up quickly for the summer Scallop season.  The hotels are quickly filling, so it is time to make sure you get the days you want!  Wait till the last minute, and it may not happen!!!!!! 

Gratuities for the Captain accepted, but NOT expected.

You can pay with cash, PayPal or credit card.  Great dates are still open. Some weekend dates are still available. Weekday trips are plentiful!  

A perfect way to spend a day or two of clean, wholesome fun.  

We specialize in assisting with lodging and meals.  We can have your catch cleaned and cooked with all the trimmings at one of several local restaurants. Blackend, Fried, Baked, Grilled, or Stuffed.  From swimming in the Gulf to piled on your plate, it doesn't get any fresher!  

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You can always call 904-545-0433, or email us at yknotfish@yahoo.com.

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