Shark Therapy™ kicks off & Ecological Health expands

Great Plains Restoration Council continues to help other communities and ecosystems adopt Ecological Health practices and principles, fulfilling a lifetime organizational goal.

At a two-week event, the inaugural Shark Therapy™ kicked off in late September in Atlanta, with West Atlanta Watershed Alliance and Gangstas to Growers/The Come Up Project.

Removing invasive species from a West Atlanta urban old growth forest

Participating young men who have been formally incarcerated worked on urban forest restoration in West Atlanta for one week, primarily removing invasive English Ivy, then journeyed down to Jupiter, South Florida with the partnership Ecological Health crew to swim with and protect wild sharks.

Shark Therapy™ cohort acclimating at the Blue Heron Bridge dive spot

Two guys had never swum before. Yet after one day of acclimation prep in the shallow waters of the world-renowned Blue Heron Bridge dive spot in Riviera Beach, they were out in the Gulf Stream in 300 feet of water with silky sharks, lemon sharks, and sandbar sharks, all beautiful animals who also live tough, often brutalized lives.

Javier and Zion hanging out with a sharky friend.

Facing your fears and living your self-determined life is a door we all can open, and what better way than through taking care of your own health through taking care of the Earth? By taking care of others, we take care of ourselves.

A gorgeous Sandbar Shark

The prairie and the ocean share many expressive similarities, and now ocean wildlife is facing annihilation like prairie animals did.

Swimming Silky: A Silky Shark with Abi Henderson, founder of Gangstas to Growers as she heads back to the boat after checking on the guys.

Abi, Anamarie, Kwon and Taureen

Sharks have lived on Earth for 400 million years, but now 100 million sharks are killed each year, with 73 million of those killed for the shark fin trade alone. Extinction is a possibility.

Almost all of the sharks we met had human-caused injuries from hooks in their mouths and bodies, fishing lines, etc.

Silky Shark with injuries – they have beautiful yellow eyes.

Solidarity exists with that harsh life of survival. The ocean has a new voice.

Please join us in congratulating Taureen, Kwon, Noah, Zion and Javier, all of whom successfully graduated from Tier I of Ecological Health—Knowledge and Retention.

* * *

Help Ban the Trade in Shark Fins! Please ask your U.S. Senator to sponsor SB 877, which would ban the sale and trade of sharks fins nationwide. Its companion bill has already been passed in the House.  

Help others learn Ecological Health on the Prairie or the Ocean: For 2021, on the Fort Worth Prairie or in the ocean, GPRC and its partners will be offering experiential Ecological Health/Tier 1 learning immersion opportunities to cohorts across the country who serve struggling people.

Ecological Health builds wellness, resilience, processing and adaption, trauma and depression recovery, critical thinking, and more.  

Please contact us if you’d like to bring a group after Covid for a couple days to learn Ecological Health through working on the prairie or diving with sharks and receive this transferal of Ecological Health practices and principles. James King is Project Manager for Shark Therapy™.

James E. King, Jr, Shark Therapy™ Project Manager

Contact Shark Addicts Diving if you’d like to charter a trip independently. They are in our estimation one of the top ethical operators and have been featured on CNN.

Thanks to boat owner Chris Cameron and Shark Addicts Diving for donation of the trips into the Gulf Stream.

We’re all in this together building a healthier world. As always, thank you for your funding and support in advancing Ecological Health.


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