Sharlene is Making Great Improvement
Sharlene was admitted to JRC during November 2017. Prior to her JRC admission, she engaged in various types of aggressive and health dangerous behavior that resulted in suspensions from school, police intervention, residential placements, psychiatric hospitalizations, juvenile detention, probation, and trials of various psychotropic medications.
Although she exhibited high rates of aggression, health dangerous behavior, destruction, disruption and noncompliance during the initial months of her JRC enrollment, all of these behavior categories have shown an impressive deceleration. 
Sharlene has responded well to a treatment program that includes self-management strategies, various behavior contracts and behavioral counseling. She has successfully tapered off three different psychotropic medications at JRC.
Sharlene's exceptional progress has allowed her to enjoy visits with her family. During family visits, she has been able to go out to eat at local restaurants, go shopping, and enjoy the sights and attractions of Boston. Sharlene's mother shared the following regarding her improvement:

"I for one, being from California was initially really scared to send Sharlene so far away. But the mental health system in California was incompetent in my eyes and they couldn't keep her safe. I knew that first and foremost, JRC could keep her safe. The progress she has made with her mental illness and behaviors since being at JRC is nothing short of a miracle in my eyes. Sharlene during her time with JRC has been able to get off her meds and they have done a stupendous job at teaching her to control her behaviors and Sharlene has been motivated to work hard and as a result is doing 100 times better. Sending Sharlene to JRC in my opinion now, is the best decision I have ever made for her and JRC has never let me or Sharlene down."
As a result of the elimination of psychotropic medication, her consumption of a healthier diet, as well as more frequent exercise, Sharlene has moved towards a healthier weight (she has lost 70lbs so far).
She actively enjoys reading YA novels, a past time that is well supported by the READ180 curriculum she accesses during her academic studies. Through the READ180 program, Sharlene has made great strides in reading comprehension and fluency. 
Sharlene has utilized these academic gains in her core subject areas as well. In the classroom, she is an active participant in group lessons and is able to step out of her comfort zone and present presentations she created independently. She completes most assignments on time and to the best of her ability. She is an overall pleasure to have in class.
We wish Sharlene continued success!
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