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November 2019 Newsletter
"The Earth is what we all have in common."
~ Wendell Berry
After a brief respite, our monthly missive resumes!

The big news for our listeners of Jim Zoppo's American Landscape program (9am - 10am EST, Sunday mornings on News Radio 920 AM WHJJ, 104.7 FM, or online worldwide via iHeart radio) is that the show continues to provide news, humor and gardening advice to an ever-growing audience. 
Gardening Hints
The Fall continues to be the best season for transplanting trees, shrubs and perennials. With cooler temperatures and increased moisture, conditions are ideal to promote root growth and allow plenty of time for plants to adjust to new locations. No conventional fertilizer for new transplants, but established plants may be fed with a no-nitrogen component fertilizer. Plants planted at this time of the year however, may be treated with specialty formulations of root-enhancing chemical fertilizers, that may or may not contain mycorrhizae. Root development continues for outdoor plants until soil temperatures drop below 40 degrees, which will not be for some time yet. Continued watering is critical until the ground is frozen. 
Lawn repair, or new lawn construction, is also a Fall related task that occurs at many levels. At least turf grass should be fertilized before Thanksgiving. Scratch rake bare areas or parts of the lawn where weeds have had a presence which can also be over seeded now. Simply apply starter fertilizer (or organic fertilizer) and then seed. Sod, which is established turf and soil, can be laid in sheets 2 ft. by 10 ft. (or any portion of) on prepared surfaces that have been graded and rolled. Soil supplements may be added based on results of a soil test.
Concerns about insect populations generally diminish at this time of year, except for the following instances. Ticks are still, and will continue to be, a threat for some weeks to come. Not until several hard frosts will the threat of tick bites diminish. Be sure to wear protective clothing and non-DEET repellent until the end of the month. Grubs and other lawn and garden insects should be treated next Spring with beneficial nematodes. Of specific importance now, however, is the presence of adelgid infestation on stands of ornamental Canadian hemlock. This insect should be treated now with root-drenched systemics (or injections), and oil sprays. This insect remains active throughout the Winter into Spring and will ultimately kill infested hemlock if not treated and arrested. Finally, monitor moth populations to estimate potential damage next Spring by caterpillars. Small, grey moths will appear beginning November to January fluttering about at dusk.
Continue to add debris and organic material to compost piles and rotate regularly. Winterize water features and irrigation systems and prevent compaction of leaves on turf grass areas. To prevent lawn damage, do not walk on frozen turf grass. Cover vegetable gardens with compost or organic manures. Cover crops may also be sown.
American Landscape Tours
"Celebrating 5 years of creating memories by the mile"
Hard to believe that it’s been 5 years already since American Landscapes first tour in the fall of 2015. When Jim Zoppo and I began this new venture or I should say adventure, we had no idea of what to expect. What we were sure of is we would never select a tour from a brochure and put our name on it. Instead we would "craft" all of our tours in house, striving to include destinations often overlooked or unavailable to other tour companies. Discovering those unique destinations where we are honored to be the first tour company ever to visit.
Over the last 5 years American Landscape tours has traveled thousands of miles experiencing so many special destinations. We are thankful for all those who have traveled with us over the years. Meeting hundreds of tour guests and treasuring the friendships that have been made. We are excited about the future of American Landscape Tours and plans are already well underway for 2020's schedule of all new tours. To learn more about American Landscape Tours to see where we have been and where we are going visit or contact Tour Director Peter Pineo at (781)-366-1481.
All New Holiday Tour
"Country Christmas and Holiday Lights" Tour December 5th, 2019
Departing from Smithfield, RI and Sharon, MA mid-morning, we will journey to Spencer, MA stopping at the Oakwood Farm Christmas Barn located in a 165-year old barn. Family run for 50 years this old-fashioned Christmas shop is sure to put you in the spirit of the season. Featuring many made on the farm creations plus vintage items on display for everyone to enjoy and bring back memories of Christmas past.
Next, we will enjoy lunch in the historic Publick House in Sturbridge, MA built in 1771. Step back in time while enjoying old fashioned Yankee hospitality. The historic inn is nestled on acres of beautiful countryside in the heart of New England. The Publick House is one of the oldest inns in the country which has never closed its door in over 230 years.
After lunch we will travel to Boylston, MA and Tower Hill Botanic Garden. Tower Hill is the headquarters of the Worcester Horticultural Society established in 1842 and is the third oldest in the country. Tower Hill Botanic Garden opened in 1986 and now attracts over 150,000 people a year. Our visit will coincide with their biggest event of the year, “Night Lights”. “Night Lights" is an annual celebration that showcases the gardens in a whole new light. Celebrate the season with enchanting landscapes, fun experiences, spectacular light displays of thousands of lights. This year promises to be their biggest year ever with many new displays. “Night Lights” is an inclusive, non-secular event where visitors of all backgrounds can celebrate winter, light and nature together.
Already over 70% of seats have been reserved. 

This Sunday on Jim Zoppo's American Landscape radio program at 9:15 am the special guest will be the Connie Pion from the Publick House historic inn, a featured destination on our December 5th tour. 
If you have any questions about this tour or would like to reserve a spot you can contact me below.
Looking forward to seeing you All Aboard!

Peter Pineo
Tour Director
American Landscape Tours
Lunch at Echo Lake Inn during our “Fall for Vermont's Main Streets and Backroads” Tour on Thursday/Friday, September 26 th & 27 th , 2019