Dear Alumni and Friends,

Last week, I had the privilege of being inaugurated as the University of Michigan’s 15th president. The honor and sense of responsibility I feel in being entrusted to lead the greatest public university in the nation is immeasurable, and I thank so many of you who have reached out with words of counsel and support over the previous months. Ann Arbor truly feels like home, and I’m so grateful to be part of the U-M community.
The inauguration offered us an opportunity to reflect on the rich history of our institution, its legacy of excellence and all that we have achieved in pursuit of our mission “to serve the people of Michigan and the world.”
The celebration also provided the chance to consider where we go from here, a conversation that will continue over the next year as our entire university community engages in a collective process to imagine that future and chart our course ahead.
The year-long strategic visioning – Vision 2034 – is designed to sharpen our impact and determine who we are, what we want to stand for, and what we aspire to achieve as a great public university for the next 10 years.
And your input is critical. We want to hear from our alumni and supporters. This vision will be ours together. I encourage you to visit the Vision 2034 website to learn more about the effort and get involved.
A key component of the university’s success in the future will be the steadfast academic leadership of Provost Laurie McCauley, who you can read more about in this edition of the Michigan Impact. The Board of Regents voted last month to appoint Provost McCauley to serve through June 2027, and I couldn’t be more thrilled to have her as a partner in this work.
The University of Michigan’s brightest days are still ahead. I look forward to what we will achieve together.