Dear Parents, Grandparents, Alumni, and Friends,

I'm happy to share with you below the Shasathon recap video, Rabbi Hirsch's video address which was shown at the Shasathon, and photos from event.

The heartwarming feedback that I have been receiving about the Shasathon has been overwhemling. I'd like to share with you a very touching note that we received from a grandmother whose parents were Holocaust survivors.  

To Rabbi Hirsch and the wonderful devoted Rebbeim and staff members who are educating and inspiring the next generation - Yishar Kochachem.

I just came home from an incredibly memorable evening at your first annual Shas-a-thon. As I listened to the beautiful voices of the children - והשב כהנים לעבודתם . . . בנה ביתך כבתחילה  the tears began to flow. I thought about my father ע״ה - Mayer Friedman, after whom our grandson is named. When my father returned from the concentration camps, and he and my mother married in a German DP camp - broken in body but not in spirit BH, yet - would they ever have dreamed or imagined to see such a resurgence - to see their great-grandchild as such a מעמד. Would they ever have imagined at that moment to see such a flourishing of Torah, the joy of your Talmidim in their learning and their accomplishments. BH they did live to see much nachas from their progeny - but as I sat and wept - I know they were with us. I know they were looking down at this monumental event with great pride in what you have accomplished למען ה׳ ותורתו.

With gratitude and תפילות for your continued הצלחה.

Mrs. Libby Spero

As many of you know, our school was originally named  Shearis Hapleyta and was founded in 1952 by HaRav Yitzchok Sternhell, zt' l with a group of Holocaust survivors, determined to transplant, rebuild, and restore, what was lost in the European Destruction. As our children's voices rang out in Torah learning on that magnificent night, they were spiritually bound to the one and a half million pure little souls looking down from  Shomayim

Have a wonderful Shabbos,

Rabbi Daniel Skurnik
Development Director
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