Virtual Roundtable
April 2020
It's Roundtable Day!!
The Shawnee Trails Roundtable Team has been hard at work preparing a video program which will keep you informed, and keep your Scouts on the move. Click in to see our videos. There will be no in-person RT in April.
Let's try to get every Unit to view our virtual roundtable and record their attendance in April.

David and Arnie will catch you up on your beads when we're all back together.
Bonus Question: What's the name of your favorite Barber Shop Quartet?
Using this Tool
The Shawnee Trails Virtual Roundtable is a compilation of videos from Shawnee Trails leaders. The District has started a YouTube Channel to collect and distribute these videos.

You have a couple choices when deciding how to view this content:

  • Look through this newsletter and click on the video links relevant to you
  • Visit the Shawnee Trails YouTube Channel and watch the entire playlist for the month's Roundtable (See Playlist Tab)

We know there is a lot going on out there for our Shawnee Trails family. Roundtable, or Scouting in general, might be the least of your concerns during this Pandemic. For some families Scouting may be a way to help keep kids engaged and active. We are trying to develop pathways for all families in many different situations. Through this Virtual Roundtable we have tried to develop a tool that you can use on your schedule and when your time and focus allow. Scout on!
Cancelations and Rescheduling
Matt Thoman walks us through the latest announcements regarding cancellations and the rescheduling of events. OA Weekends, Cope-apalooza, Shoot-apalooza, DOE, Wood Badge, Scouting Day at the K and other events. Click here for his video.
30 Day Cub Scout Challenge - in Space
Harry embarks on his own space adventure to show Cub parents and leaders how to keep their padawans learning and advancing with the 30 Day Challenge.
Cub Scout Cooking
Pam Wilson walks us through how cooking at home can be used to help Cub Scouts advance no matter their rank...and sometimes it tastes good too.

You can find her narrative and recipes by clicking on this link.
Resources for Scouting Continuation
We're all learning together about how we can continue Scouting during a period of social distancing. Free online Merit Badges, 30 Day Cub Scout Challenge, Advancement Resources, Video Conferencing Tools, Virtual Campouts, and Scoutmaster Conferences are all available to you at the HOAC website. Matt Thoman discusses those tools in this video.
What about the Eagle Scouts?
Becoming an Eagle Scout is a time-dependent activity. Time dependent activities are made more difficult through social distancing. To alleviate the most pressing reviews faced by our Life Scouts, the Shawnee Trails Eagle Advancement Team has been hard at work to ensure that immediate needs can be addressed.

The following document addresses specifically the first steps to project proposal review. One a Life Scout has completed this part of the process additional information will be provided with guidance for additional reviews and Boards of Review. Let's all take this one step at a time.

Order of the Arrow Virtual Elections
Unit level elections for membership in the Order of the Arrow are occurring now virtually. Several successful elections have already occurred.

You can find more information by clicking this link, or by emailing the Tamegonit Elections Team. Today we will have a video uploaded to the Shawnee Trails YouTube Playlist.
Keep on Scouting
Shawnee Trails District Committee Chairman Kirk Peters brings a message of hope through Scouting. (Turn your volume up just a hair to hear his message)
When will we know about summer camp?
District Executive Matt Thoman addresses the timing of summer camping cancellation decisions and refunds.
Commissioner's Minute - YPT Now
Over 400 Shawnee Trails Scouters (adults) are now without Youth Protection Training. Remember two years ago when we all had to have the new training? Renewal time is here.

All parents, guardians and Scouters attending Day Camp, Summer Camp, Webelos Camp and Bear Camp must be YPT trained. Now is the time to train all adults in your Unit.

That is an especially painful face I am making. I must be worried about YPT.
Subscribe to Roundtable
Sign Up for the Roundtable Bulletin:   Text "Roundtable"  (one word, without the quotation marks) to  22828  on your mobile phone. You will then be asked to enter your email address .
Scouting is still occurring
Matt Thoman is working from home. The Commissioner Corps is still engaged. The District Committee is functioning. Boards of Review are happening. Scouts are participating in outdoor activities, OA elections, advancement and virtual campouts.

We are here to help you launch your online program or refine what you already have in place. The Council is providing our Scouter's resources, and we would like to help link you to their latest and greatest ideas.

We have been so heartened to see Den Leaders and Cub Masters finding ways to keep their kids involved. But it has been really special to watch Senior Patrol Leaders and Crew Presidents take the reins and run with virtual meetings for the youth who elected them. The youth are adapting to change and really showing their leadership through this challenging time frame. Thank you Scoutmasters and Crew Advisors for encouraging their creativity to deal with the barriers to meeting.

Please allow me to be clear though, per the National and Council guidance, in-person gatherings of any kind, despite the effort and care to social distance and to protect all involved, are prohibited until at least the end of April. Please do not incur the liability for yourself or the BSA by not adhering to this guideline.

With that guidance, as much as we may not love it, virtual meetings and phone calls are the only allowed gatherings until at least the end of April. We have resources for your use. If you need any assistance please contact any of District Leader and we will route you to the right place. Usually, to save a step, that right place is Matt Thoman. You can email him by clicking on his name. Please remember to keep YPT (two deep leadership in particular) as a guiding principal in all virtual meetings with youth.
The Rabbit Hole
If you ever need a reminder of what a rabbit hole YouTube can be then please let me introduce you to your monthly moment of Zen.

Stay well Scouts and Scouters and do your part to Be Prepared.

BTW, I appreciate the hard work, flexibility, and passion to embrace change shown by everyone who contributed to this Virtual Roundtable.
From the Shawnee Trails District Commissioner Corps

Alan Clark, Assistant District Commissioner for Roundtable - Program
Anne Borgmier, Assistant District Commissioner for Roundtable - Admin

RJ Wilson, District Commissioner

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