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Volume 7, Issue 8 | August 2018


As you know from my last e-newsletter, my work contract in the corporate world ended in July, months earlier than planned due to a restructuring of the department in which I was working. Since I was in need of a corporate break, the first week unemployed and at home was mostly spent kicking back as I felt a strong need to heal from the environment I'd been in.                

Well, it didn't take me long to realize that my soul seems to only be able to thrive - from a career standpoint - when I'm in my own business, out of a box, free to create, have a flexible schedule, etc. So after 2½ years in the corporate world, I've decided to leave it again for good, and work my business full-time. Yay!

I've had a lot to do especially coming up with a more sound business model to ensure a good income, but Spirit is coming through me with many ideas and much creativity. As evidenced, view the collage I created on what is now my business planner-journal; it's a portable vision board. 

Click the image for a larger view.

My soul is so filled with joy, and I am getting nourished in many ways - I am so grateful. It is great to be in my home and make my own schedule again. Since I expect a bulk of my work to be virtual, I will be able to live wherever I want to; and, this will be a nice segue into a fun, part-time "retirement" if that ever becomes financially possible down the road.

It is clear to me that the usual corporate environment is really so toxic and deadly to one's soul - I could write a dissertation on it! And, no wonder, so many people are depressed, addicted, angry, violent, etc. - their soul is not getting nourished, and even further, is not even recognized. Those days are over for me! NOW is the time to be healed and in my true place, to BE all that I am meant to be and to share with the world. To live, fully. Sounds like a great recommendation (and challenge) for everyone if you ask me. All we have is now, so when are we going to be and do what we're meant to on this planet?

My new business is similar to what I did before, but I am expanding it to allow for greater creativity for myself, increased services for others, and increased multiple streams of income (via an improved business model). While I've been busy updating and streamlining my website, it's not going to be quite ready before I get this month's newsletter out this afternoon. Oh well...

Look out for a special announcement in the next week or so about my business of inspiring and coaching others with their writing and marketing projects.

In the meanwhile, you'll notice that this month's newsletter has a theme about work. I hope that it will give you pause to think and to get inspired to move ahead in being your authentic self no matter where you work or play.


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Inspiration and Contemplation
Cherishing One's Time - and Soul

"Perhaps it's time we started thinking of work as an intrusion, even if it's a necessary one, on the time we call our own. To embrace such a premise would be to reverse our current arrangement, in which the annual vacation is cherished as a special treat. There is much to be learned from a range of innovative thinkers who say considerably fewer working hours need not lead to a collapse in our capacity to provide for ourselves."

-    Brian O'Connor, Washington Post, August 3, 2018

I found it rather synchronistic that earlier this month, when I was newly unemployed and again contemplating earning an income that would be derived from the appreciation and recognition of my creativity, talent, and experience (namely, NOT in the corporate world), The Post published an article examining the idea that vacation only appears to free us from work. It made me think about how little time most people have to nourish their souls, explore new vistas, cultivate meaningful relationships within and without. And forget about it if you have a spouse, kids, or other family members who want and/or need your attention! [Yes, I am single.] I think being in my own consulting business affords me the opportunity and flexibility to take better care of myself; I appreciate that not everyone can be in that position and am grateful that I am.

No doubt from what I've written previously you'll see I have an appreciation for what Mr. O'Connor wrote about. Since so many people spend so much of their waking hours working, working, working, with far less time for introspection and care of their body, mind, and soul, this type of culture impacts the microcosm and the world at-large. Hence, I think this article is worth reading and contemplating.

I would love to hear your take on it. Email me.
Claiming Your New Business Partner

As you probably know, I read New Thought philosopher, spiritual teacher, and scientist Emmet Fox regularly and receive so much from contemplating his ideas.

Again, synchronistically, earlier this month, a morning reading advised how to be successful in business -- the business of living that is. I appreciated the reminder of such sage advice and thought you might also.

[Note: You may resonate better with the reading if you substitute the word "God" with another more relevant term for you.]

"Why not organize the business of living in a big way? Why creep along, as some people do, from one tiny stepping stone to another, instead of striding out boldly? Why be content with poor health, uninteresting work, or restricted conditions, when many other people have already risen above these things?

"There is a way out of limitation that never fails. It is this, take God for your partner. If you will really make God your business partner in every department of your life, you will be amazed at the quick and striking results that you will obtain. Of course, if you want God to be your partner, you will have to include Him in every corner and every phase of your life.

"Most people would be thrilled to be able to go into partnership with some great industrial or financial magnate; they would feel that their future was assured. But here is a partnership with Infinite Wisdom and Infinite Power awaiting you."

- From Around the Year with Emmet Fox, August 12 (page 224)

People Helping People
The Willimantic Waitress   

Here's a story about a woman who made her job and workplace a lot more meaningful to herself, patrons, and the community at-large as she expressed her kindness, thoughtfulness, and generosity to two young customers.  
The story, from Heroic Stories, starts out:

"My husband and I had been married just a short time when he was discharged from the Air Force after four years service in the early 1960s. We didn't have much money to live on, let alone extra money for entertainment or dining out. Times were tough for us. He was a new hire on the local police force, and we were settling in to civilian life in his small hometown of..." [read on]   
The summer is drawing to a close - even if here in the Phoenix area the temperatures are still above the century mark. But it is starting to cool down, and I've been able to resume morning walks (especially since I no longer have a time-consuming commute to my office desk).  
The Labor Day holiday weekend traditionally marks the end of the summer, and this year it arrives rather early. How synchronistic considering this newsletter's theme.  
Have a fun, safe holiday. 
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