Here's the LATEST from The Kitale Project!

God's miraculous work and your faithful giving to The Kitale Project is impacting more young lives than ever. Since we opened in Kitale in July 2018 - less than 15 months ago - we've seen 258 children rescued from the streets and reintegrated back into families.

This reunification follows an extensive preparation program at the Agape Children's Ministry campus in Kitale; then, the Agape staff follows-up with regular visits to assure the children are safe and thriving.
The staff is truly amazing
and the results are proof.

These children living alone on the streets are so loved by God - and we believe He desires to reunite each of them with we never give up hope!

We recently brought a young woman to the campus who has some learning challenges as well as epilepsy. Her body is burned severely in multiple places because of seizures which occurred while working/cooking with fire. 

She came to us from the streets without much knowledge of the home she came from. Her language is limited due to her learning challenges and her information is generally not reliable or consistent.

But, we kept trying. 

After several attempts to find her home, we found her father last week and then were connected to her mother. This young woman went missing 13 months ago and her family assumed she was dead. In reality, she had only wandered away from home and simply got lost.

We are absolutely filled with joy that we can now reunite her with her family, and help with future medical care and needs.
ALSO, please pray...

  • For the Overlake Christian Church team going to Kitale in October to lead another pastors’ conference, as we continually integrate the work of the Church with the work of Agape. So many good things happening there. I hope you will consider joining us on a future trip so you can see for yourself how God is using OCC in Kitale, Kenya.

We are so grateful for your continued prayers and support.  
OCC Serve the World Pastor