Last weekend, while reading through the March 2021 edition of The Chronicle of Philanthropy, one article resonated deeply with me. Author Abby Falik's piece, "Covid-19 Has Reshaped Big-Gift Fundraising: Let's Hope it Lasts", articulated a few shifts in the culture of nonprofit fundraising that I too have noticed over the past year.

My favorite point? "On Zoom, we are all exactly the same size." When we are stripped of fancy offices, smart suits, and complicated calendars, we are presented with a true power dynamic shift. Those of us who fundraise know that creating and maintaining relationships are the most important elements of the job. I have always called it the Human Element.

Ms. Falik captures it beautifully here: "Post-Covid, showing up to raise money will no longer mean always showing up in person. Rather it means showing up as a person - confident, yes, but humble, whole, and human, too."

I am not sure which one gets me more excited: a post-Covid world or working together as humble, whole, humans. Whether you are a fundraiser, philanthropist, volunteer, program deliverer, or any stakeholder in our community, I look forward to seeing you human-to-human soon!
Dr. Kameron P. Hodgens
Executive Director & CEO
1. Nonprofit Sustainability
Andrea Lane
View from the Front Desk
This month our Receptionist and Administrative Assistant, Andrea Lane, has seen the light! Specifically, she has seen our maintenance staff, John and Marian, working tirelessly to replace the lighting on campus with LED bulbs. It's part of the Partners for Green Places initiative, which is finishing work this week.

"It's been an enormous project that's been ongoing for a year and a half," said Andrea, "I'm so glad we're adding all of this energy efficiency. And I think John and Marian will be glad to be done!"
Shapiro Grant
We established the Shapiro Memorial Grant in 2018 upon the passing of Lifetime Board Member Sam Shapiro, to provide each of our tenant partners up to $1,000 in a given year for any mission-related expense they choose.

Last summer, our tenant partner, Healthy Start Coalition of Sarasota used the grant to make improvements to their website, redesign marketing materials, and reposition their social media platforms.

For us, getting their message out to promote healthy moms and babies is priceless.
2. Campus Connection
Agency Spotlight: Epilepsy Services of Southwest Florida
National Epilepsy Awareness Day was on 3/26. We thought it was a great opportunity to turn the spotlight on our tenant partner, Epilepsy Services of Southwest Florida.

Epilepsy is the nation's 4th most common neurological disorder, but so many of us don't know enough about it.

Epilepsy Services assists patients toward self-management in order to be able to lead as close to a normal life as possible. They work to educate our community, and advocate for those with epilepsy. We're proud to call them our partner!
GS Connects: Planning for Retirement
We, who work in the nonprofit world, are often much better at taking care of others than we are at taking care of ourselves.

This week, we engaged in some financial self-care, delivered by our sub-tenant partner, Capital Good Fund, a nonprofit financial institution that "helps people fix their finances".

Staff from seven different campus agencies attended to learn about how we can make the most of retirement accounts, college funds, and even life insurance. We packed a lot of information into one hour!

The event was sponsored by Gulf Coast Community Foundation.
3. Community Resources and Leadership
Herald-Tribune: A year into the pandemic, an unprecedented number are calling 211 for help in Sarasota-Manatee
"Now, a year into the pandemic, the contact center still is receiving double the calls compared to before the pandemic, and while rent and utility assistance remain top priorities, some requests are shifting as the community continues to adapt to the virus."

Angie DiMichele
Sarasota Herald-Tribune
Published Mar. 22, 2021

Birds Eye View
Why I Give
When I got my stimulus check, I was reminded of the book of my faith that talks about giving to the least of those. God has blessed me, and so I will be giving 10% to my church, but also will be giving to The Glasser/Schoenbaum Human Services Center to help the 17 agencies that are housed on their campus, as well as their 211 program.

Those of us who have been blessed, let us remember those who need, and give accordingly. We're all in this together, as we get through this pandemic. God bless.

Lou Murray, Board Member
The Glasser/Schoenbaum
Human Services Center
Lou Murray, Board Member