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September - | | - 2018
Mission to North America
Disaster Response
New Templates and Roadshows
Sheds of Hope templates are like tools–you can never have enough–but having the right tool for the job can make all the difference. Five exciting new templates are hot off the press! A new template for cutting the trim with just one cut will be a big hit with those who have the SmartBench. The other four allow all the siding to be pre-cut with no measuring, using only 12 cuts. They are designed to work with the Festool saw guide system or one that matches its dimensions.  Please pray for MNA Disaster Response as we prepare to help those who are in the path of Hurricane Florence.

The Blackrock Roadshow in August was an exciting 2,000 miles of sharing the vision of Sheds of Hope and giving church leaders a hands-on experience with the SmartBench. The trip gave me time to attend 3 presbytery meetings and reach a large number of churches. One pastor said, "When a disaster comes our way we will know who to call.” A new Larne Roadshow is scheduled to get under way soon and will take up most of October. Check the website and see if I’ll be coming your way!  Please pray for God to open doors for future Sheds of Hope Roadshows.

Will you do three things to help me get the word out?
  1. Pray for churches to catch the vision of Sheds of Hope.
  2. Forward this to those you know who may like to know more about Disaster Response.
  3. Host a small group that would like to hear about Sheds of Hope.

For more about Roadshows, click the link below. You may also email me at or call me at 214-763-2791 to be added to a Roadshow

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