July 2020
Information & Resources for Non-Profits and Those who 💓 Them  
Apply a Racial Equity Lens to Organizational Development
Racial Equity Tools offers information for organizations that seek to ensure that their policies, procedures, practices, culture and relationships are racially equitable and inclusive. Resources include those that describe stages of organizations' experiences through this long-term process, provide tools for working toward this goal, and a few which share their story of becoming more
racially equitable.
Letter of Inquiry
Best Practices
Many foundations ask for a letter of inquiry or intent (LOI) before requesting or even in lieu of a full grant proposal. This Grantspace article gives a great summary of what should be included in a LOI and offers links to sample LOIs. It is often challenging to write a succinct LOI, but it's a great exercise in focusing on your program objectives!
What Worked For Me
In this time when many non-profits have had to postpone or even cancel their fundraising events, I am thrilled to see (thanks social media!) so many of my trustee peers stepping up to the plate to fulfill their fiscal responsibility. One strategy that often works well is peer-to-peer fundraising . It is a fairly easy and quick way to raise money, and although a social media presence may help, you can raise money without it. I'm happy to report that to date I've raised over $1,500 through the generosity of 35 friends and family with my recent birthday fundraiser for the Rockland Community Foundation.

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