July 2023
Information & Resources for Non-Profits and Those who πŸ’“ Them  
10 Reasons to Engage in Strategic Planning
A thoughtfully developed strategic plan is not only essential for growth but it’s a critical alignment tool for your team. Download Sheer Strategy's article including ten reasons why non-profits should prioritize engaging in strategic planning plus two handy tools to simplify the process.

Also view our brief video by clicking on the photo to the right ----> to get a glimpse of how we use improvisational techniques to elicit ideas, explain concepts, and keep the process engaging! This clip demonstrates how you can tell a story within a narrow time constraint, in this case the story is "Cinderella", and our participants told it in just 15 seconds! Thank you to our client, VCS, for allowing us to share their experience.
Is Using AI for Grant Proposals Ethical?
This Grant Professionals Association (GPA) states that Artificial Intelligence (AI) itself is not unethical, but that the "application/use of the tool creates potential ethical dilemmas." As such, GPA offers a code of ethics to provide guidance on aspects of AI use. To read the full statement click here.
Vital Considerations in Leadership Transition
Change is always challenging, perhaps most so when it happens at the top. In this article, 12 members of the Forbes Nonprofit Council each share a nugget of wisdom about what to consider to ensure a great fit for a non-profit's CEO's successor.

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