June 2023
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5 Steps to Avoid
ο»ΏMission Creep
Elliot B. Karp gives nonprofits five steps to help avoid mission creep and stay focused on their main purpose and high level objectives. Karp posits Step 3 is "establish a strategic plan" to provide the roadmap for staying focused on the mission and agency's top priorities. As strategic plan process facilitators, we agree that a strategic plan is vital to providing a framework for an agency's longer-term vision. Visit our website to learn more about how we can help your agency with strategic planning.
How to Answer the Sustainability Question
One of the feared questions on a grant application is "How will you sustain your program after the grant period ends?" No doubt, it's a challenging topic, but our sustainability roadmap is a useful tool to help agencies respond to the program sustainability question.
Which Board Committees are Essential?
Utilizing committees is an effective way to manage board responsibilities, and this Board Source blog post shares that Governance, Executive, Finance/, Audit and Development are some of the most common, likely because they are so essential. We would argue that the Governance committee is perhaps the most important, as it is the lifeblood of the board. In addition to being responsible for board recruitment and development, the Governance committee should see to the organization's plan for succession.
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