March 2023
Information & Resources for Non-Profits and Those who πŸ’“ Them  
$1.98 Million Grant Secured
Sheer Strategy is thrilled to announce a federal award for our client, Dominican University New York. A $1,979,985 award was made by the U.S. Department of Commerce to build broadband and information technology capacity at the University.

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How do you Enable Productive Change?
This Harvard Business Review article identifies several components to enabling productive change. As facilitators we agree that the six components addressed are critical, and in particular, actively engaging stakeholders to help shape an organization's future and segmenting change efforts into smaller steps is integral. We would also add that the final keys to successful implementation are measurable objectives and assignment of responsibility within a specific timeframe to help ensure accountability.
Get Your Board to
ο»ΏStep Up
Mindy Opper does a great job in this blog post discussing how to approach a board's responsibility to financially support the nonprofit organization they serve. In a nutshell, the agency's leadership (i.e., the board chair and CEO) should repeat a message of giving a capacity gift and promote a culture of philanthropy often, with not only the board as a whole but with each individual board member.

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