September 2023
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5 Ideas for Measuring Impact on a Budget
In this Nonprofit Pro article, Malaika Cheney-Coke aptly shares that "impact measurement can be costly and intimidating." Yet many funders require evidence of measured outcomes. How then can nonprofits, especially those with small budgets, effectively measure results while keeping costs at a minimum? Cheney-Coke shares five ideas
to maximize impact
measurement dollars.

Which Type of Grant Proposal is Best?
This Grantsmanship Blog Post offers a great quick summary of some grant proposal types. Two more that I would add are for equipment and programs/projects. Equipment is considered a capital request, but I have found funders more likely to fund the full cost of equipment than for other types of capital projects. Program or project requests are also very attractive to funders (particularly over operating fund requests) because the funding is going for something specific and can offer measurable outcomes.
Building a Better Board
Strong boards are essential for nonprofits to truly thrive. Download my brief article on four keys to strong boards and engaged board
member participation.
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