June 2020
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Are You Ready for a Federal Grant?
Many may dream of winning a federal grant because it often means big dollars, but where do you begin? The best place to search and apply for federal funding is at Grants.gov which offers information on eligibility, registration, reporting and many more federal grant topics. It's important to know that federal grants are often very time consuming and require a lot of documentation. Very recently I worked on one with two colleagues that yielded over 50 pages of narrative, required over a dozen attachments, and took 100+ hours combined to complete. It's almost impossible to do it alone!
 Email me to learn more about what it takes to submit a federal grant .
Strengthen the Chair- CEO Relationship
As this National Council on Nonprofits' article indicates, it is well documented that the Board Chair role is to support the CEO. The article shares several best practices to do so. It's important to note, however, that the onus isn't all on the Chair. A CEO's guidance to the Chair is critical. Your Board Chair may be very committed to your organization, and it can be easy to forget that they are volunteers with many other demands on their time. CEOs who take the lead in communicating regularly with their Chair won't regret it!

A Road Map for Success
If one thing is constant it’s change, and the best way to manage change is to plan for it. A well-developed plan serves as a road map that enables your agency to accelerate growth and guide decisions as you move forward.

 Your team will never have more fun developing strategy than
with us!

With Sheer Strategy you'll be at the heart of the action, using improvisational techniques and other creative exercise s to align efforts, cultivate stakeholder engagement, uncover important insights and establish strategic measurable goals that includes a specific action plan.  

External facilitation maintains objectivity, inspires open participation and fosters adherence to the process.
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