February 2024
Information & Resources for Non-Profits and Those who ๐Ÿ’“ Them  
When Might a Strategic Alliance or Restructuring Make Sense?
This brief strategic partnership guide outlines four opportunities for nonprofit boards to consider when engaging in strategy and planning that may lead to partnerships with other organizations.
Getting the Elusive Operating Grant

Although operating grants are challenging to secure, recent trends reveal increasing funder understanding of their importance. Download our article for important information on how your agency can attract highly coveted unrestricted funding.
5 False Leadership Lessons the Movies
๏ปฟTeach Us
It's no surprise that movies resonate with many of us, as they often reflect real-life issues and feature characters that serve as societal role models. Dr. Emilia Bunea's article, however, says in many cases Hollywood's messaging about leadership
๏ปฟis all wrong.
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