July 2021
Information & Resources for Non-Profits and Those who πŸ’“ Them  
What is the right
sized Board?
This boardsource.org blog post says there is a likely sweet spot for your board’s size, but not surprisingly it differs for each board. To determine the best size for your agency's board, consider the pros and cons of small vs. large boards outlined in the post.

Conquering Grant Budgets
Preparing a grant budget can feel overwhelming, but it is essential to the proposal process.
Download my How-to-Guide on building a thorough budget for
your grant proposal.

What to Know Before You Go for a Federal Grant
Securing a large federal grant for your non-profit can have a transformative impact, but before going for one it is important to understand that not only is the application process often time-consuming and complex, but so too is staying in compliance if you receive a federal grant. Read this grantstation.com article to learn more.

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