January 2023
Information & Resources for Non-Profits and Those who πŸ’“ Them  
What should Boards Prioritize?
According to Leading with Intent's: BoardSource Index of Nonprofit Board Practices "Boards that prioritize fundraising above all else when it comes to the board’s role do so at the expense of organizational strategy, relevance, and impact." Engaging in strategic planning can be daunting, so don't go it alone! Contact Sheer Strategy today do discuss how your organization can engage in thoughtful strategic planning.

52 Ideas for Promoting Your Organization
Do you find it challenging to come up with ideas for social media or your e-newsletter on a regular basis? I know I do! That's why I'm grateful to "Nonprofit Jenni" for sharing her valuable resource that offers 52 great ideas for e-newsletters- ideas that can also be readily applied to your social media posts.

Four Federal Grants Basics
The federal grants application process is very time consuming and can take hundreds of hours, but the payoff often comes with large financial awards over multiple years! Download my article on the Four Federal Grants Basics to learn more about pursuing federal grants. 
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