November 2023
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Can AI be Used to Create a Strategic Plan?
Like many of us, Eric Ryan has been wondering about the impact of artificial intelligence (AI). Because his business is strategic planning, he asked ChatGPT to create a strategic plan for a fictional organization, and he was "blown away" by the level of plan created in just 15 seconds! That said, Ryan adds that although AI offers opportunities to assist in strategic planning there are also major pitfalls to relying solely on AI.

Help, We have Unspent Grant Funds!
Perhaps surprisingly, sometimes a nonprofit finds itself with leftover funds at the end of a grant. Thomas Boyd's blog shares insights on what to do if your organization finds itself in this position.
Why Perform a Board Self Assessment?
Considering a nonprofit Board's vital role in meeting the agency mission and objectives, self reflection and developing members is a worthy part of an organization's annual plan. Board assessments help identify a board’s strengths and areas in need of improvement.
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