September 2022
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"Breakfast Club" Business Lessons
Many of us can point to a few favorite movies that really resonate with us. For Sheer Strategy Principal, Matt Schiering, the iconic 80s movie The Breakfast Club is one of those. Click here to see how Matt relates the movies characters can teach us how to view the differing needs of today's workplace generational cohorts.

Grant Proposals: Just the Tip of the Iceberg
The proposal writer may be the one responsible for an agency's grant submissions, but it is the program team who will utilize any secured grant funding. As such, it is imperative that they work together to make sure the agency is prepared to meet the grant obligations. This blog post from The Grantsmanship Center gives some insight into the elements that lie below the surface.
5 Simple Strategy Rules
This Harvard Business Review article by Graham Kenny offers five excellent rules for strategy execution, but before you can execute you must plan!
Let Sheer Strategy help
your organization engage in thoughtful development to create a plan with three to five focused strategies with measurable objectives and designated people to remain accountable to them in a specific timeframe.
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