April 2024
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Strategic Plans Increase Fundraising Success
In this article, the author says strategic planning helps organizations keep promises and sharing that plan with stakeholders demonstrates a commitment to its execution. We would add that having a well documented monitoring process is also essential. Sheer Strategy distinguishes itself by not only helping clients facilitate well thought out strategic plans but also by offering guided
implementation to help teams stay on track and remain accountable to that plan.
$2.4 Million Grant Secured

Sheer Strategy is thrilled to have secured a $2.4 million
New York State Learning Loss Recover from COVID School Program (RECOVS) grant for the Port Chester-Rye Union Free School District!  

Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash
Strategies for Your Board
As fans of data, we love this blog's Action Tip #4: "What gets measured gets done." The blog recommends putting systems in place to evaluate board performance and that can be as easy as using spreadsheets. But, we would argue that the suggestion of assigning a staff member to follow up with each board member on specific responsibilities is perhaps more important. Even better, as the blog endorses, make it part of your agency work plans and build it into job descriptions.
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