February 2023
Information & Resources for Non-Profits and Those who 💓 Them  
Is it the Grant Worth it?
When considering grant opportunities, I first estimate the cost to completing a particular proposal (# of hours x my $ rate per hour) vs. the potential grant award amount, and if known, whether or not the funder awards grants to at least 20% of its applicants. If the responses lead me to "pass go", I then utilize my Funding Source Match Assessment Tool to prioritize funding opportunities.

Diverse Brains:
Key to Critical Thinking
As facilitators of strategic planning, we were struck by David Burkus' article on critical thinking, and in particular his first recommendation of borrowing diverse brains. Gathering the unique insights and perspectives of those impacted by your mission is vital to the strategic planning process and should also be an ongoing aim of
all organizations.
Building Your Board through Committees
This Wild Apricot blog post is a terrific summary of nonprofit board considerations, including creating board committees. As we know much of board work is accomplished in committees.

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