October 2023
Information & Resources for Non-Profits and Those who πŸ’“ Them  
Our Secret Sauce to Strategic Planning
You may have seen β€œimprov” used as a form of entertainment, but as professional facilitators we have found many benefits to using improvisational techniques and exercises to strengthen the strategic planning process. Download our article here and learn why we consider it our special sauce in strategic planning services!
Are you a NYS Grant Seeker?
Then please be aware of this important notice: New York State will transition grantmaking activities from the Grants Gateway to the Statewide Financial System (SFS). Following the transition, the Grants Gateway will be retired and SFS will become the State’s new enterprise grants management system. Instructions of how to prepare can be found on the Transition to SFS website.
15 Fundraising Actions for Board Members
This Nonprofit PRO article offers 15 specific action steps nonprofit leaders can encourage board members to comfortably take as part of their fiduciary responsibility. Notably, the author points out that it is important that organizational staff support board members in their role in fundraising.
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