December 2023
Information & Resources for Non-Profits and Those who 💓 Them  
Action Plans: The Backbone of a
Strategic Plan
We couldn't agree more with David Hutchinson's article
that action plans help ensure your agency's goals come to fruition.
Engaging in strategic planning with Sheer Strategy ensures the development of an action plan that include resources, timelines, metrics, and accountability for each
strategic objective.
Sheer Strategy Principals,
Maddy & Matt Schiering, in action!
Conquering the Grant Budget
A grant budget is an integral component of a grant proposal.

Our How-to-Guide on Grant Budgets  will help you build a thorough budget for your next grant request. Also, check out this article on The Art of Grant Budgeting for some additional excellent tips. Although directed at CFOs, the tips are applicable to anyone preparing a grant budget.

Can a Board Member
be Let Go?
Agreeing to serve as a board member for a nonprofit is a real commitment, and if one doesn't honor that commitment or worse, impedes success, it's time to consider asking them to step down. In this blog, Sean Kosofsky, spells out when board members need to be removed and how it can be tactfully accomplished. The blog article even provides two sample scripts! So, yes you can "fire" a board member and nonprofit leaders should be informed about how to do so tactfully if necessary.
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