April 2023
Information & Resources for Non-Profits and Those who πŸ’“ Them  
Apply for an unrestricted $1 Million Gift
MacKenzie Scott is launching a $250 million β€œopen call” for community-focused nonprofits through her organization Yield Giving. Scott plans to make unrestricted $1 million donations to 250 nonprofits to support organizations "making positive change in their communities.” To apply, nonprofits must have annual operating budgets larger than $1 million, but less than $5 million for at least two of the past five years. Until now, Scott and her team directly contacted organizations they were interested in funding.
What is Most Important for Your Board Retreat?
This Train Your Board blog post shares several important "Dos and Don'ts" for planning your next board retreat, including two points in particular that are central to Sheer Strategy's methodology: finding fun ways to engage (hint=using improvisational techniques) and creating concrete, actionable follow-up items (hint=measurable objectives). Check out our What We Do page to learn more or contact us directly.
Strategic Planning is Vital
In this article, Holly Rustick reminds board members that it is their job to guide their nonprofit organizations and that strategic planning is fundamental to doing so. Holly offers some insight as to why strategic planning is so critical. As strategic planning facilitators, we would add that strategic planning focuses the leadership on what your organization will not be doing as much as it does about what you will be doing.

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