April 2022
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A Model on Indirect Costs in Grantmaking
Often agencies don't ask funders to support indirect costs in their grant proposals in an effort to show their financial commitment to the project, but funding indirect costs as part of a grant's budget can have a significant impact on smaller nonprofits and organizations of color. Read how The Annie E. Casey Foun­da­tion, in an effort to promote equity, took a hard look at its indi­rect cost pol­i­cy for grantees, and ultimately revised that policy to increase indirect cost rates for grantees by as much as 10%.
Sheer Strategy's Principal and Expert Facilitator Matt Schiering in Action
Why Hire an External Facilitator?
Whether your organization is contemplating leadership development, strategic planning, a board retreat, or any other critical group engagement, consider hiring an external facilitator. Your people are your greatest asset, and contracting with an expert facilitator demonstrates your commitment to listening to and involving your stakeholders.   For advantages and considerations to engaging an external facilitator, download Sheer Strategy's brief
Strategic Plans = Increased Fundraising Success
Data talks, and Eric Ryan's research revealed that having a strategic plan significantly increased fundraising success. In fact respondents said that on average, between 36% and 45% of their nonprofits’ annual revenue was attributed to the presence of a strategic plan. 

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