January 2021
Information & Resources for Non-Profits and Those who πŸ’“ Them  
Make it a Day On, Not a Day Off!
Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service will be observed on January 18th this year, and although it may look different for many during these times, it is still crucial for non-profits to engage community members. AmeriCorps provides a platform for non-profits to register projects and for individuals and companies to search for volunteer opportunities nationwide.
A Call for Charitable Giving Reform
A Coalition of philanthropists and foundation leaders has recently formed the Initiative to Accelerate Charitable Giving to work to increase funding to charities, "including fixing the inefficiencies in our charitable giving tax laws."

5 Easy Ideas for Board Members to Help
ο»ΏDuring COVID

In this post on The Chronicle of Philanthropy's website, Joan Garry shares five simple ways board members can support the non-profits they serve while we still live with the pandemic. The ideas require few resources and little time but can have a
big impact.
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