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Shelach Lecha June 4 - 5

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Candles 7:03 PM
Mincha 7:28 PM followed by Kabalat Shabbat and Maariv

During the summer months when Shabbat comes in relatively late, your participation in Friday night's minyan (Mincha/Kabalat Shabbat/Maariv is greatly appreciated. And even better - arrive early for a l'chaim and help enable us to start on time. Thank you in advance.

Pre-Shacharit Shiur 8 AM

Shacharit 8:45 AM
Birkat HaChodesh 10:15 AM
Kiddush 11 AM

Shabbat Ends 8:24 AM
Communal Lunch this Shabbat

This Shabbat marks the second time families with young children will meet for a communal lunch following Kiddush. While it's too late to sign-up for this meal if you haven't already, now is the time to join the WhatsApp group to make sure you're updated about future gatherings.

We are also planning on relaunching our weekly children's service. Please join the above WhatsApp group to stay updated on progress there as well.

(Please note, the above WhatsApp group is specifically for families with young children. If you would like to join the Shul's general WhatsApp group, that link is here).
To Sammy and Jamie Rubin, on the engagement of their son, Netanel, to Esther (pictured above).

To Randi and Jonny Maas on the birth of a baby girl yesterday.

To Liora and Yair (Brothman) Azulay on the birth of twins - a boy and a girl - also yesterday.

To Henry and Sima Weinberg, on the marriage of their granddaughter earlier this week.
Shir Hadash's activities take place in Beit Natan (named after JJ Greenberg z"l), located at Yakov Rubin Street #1 in Jerusalem (Click here for Map), and on the Jonathan Pear z"l Farm in Rosh Pina.