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Shelf Stable: May 27
“Wherever I go, bookstores are still the closest thing to a town square.” ― Gloria Steinem, My Life on the Road
I’m so excited. This weekend I’m traveling! I’m going to Maine for a month, and possibly the whole summer. Please know that I’ve just had a COVID test (thanks City of Somerville for the free test!) and I’m not leaving until my results are back. Assuming the results are negative, I’ll be driving up and quarantining myself in the family home for two weeks. I’m incredibly grateful that I’m able to have the flexibility and space to do this. 

Before I got the test I purchased two weeks worth of groceries and put gas in my car. Now I should really be packing clothes and figuring out what I don’t need. I keep telling myself that my essential oil diffuser isn’t necessary but somehow it keeps sneaking onto my packing list. After all, “essential” is in the name of the product!

The one bag I have packed, and will probably continue to repack this week, is my bag of books. I piled in a few too many hardcovers, a couple old paperbacks, and a stack of Advance Reader Copies. I’m not a fast reader, but is it ridiculous to bring ten, or twelve, or fifteen books if I only go for a month? I say no, because I’m also the kind of person who will bring two books on a day trip and only read a few pages of one of them. I’m highly aspirational, and I’ve never been an efficient traveler. 
I will probably change out some of the books I’ve already packed. Should I reconsider bringing Ducks, Newburyport ? (Josh, I know what you’re going to say.) It didn’t make it into my bag on the first round, but I think I’m going to consider it for the second round of packing. One book that will probably come out is Little Weirds by Jenny Slate. I’ve read this several times already because it’s one of my favorites -- if you haven’t read it I implore you to! -- but I have the audio on my phone so I probably don’t need to bring the hardcover with me (I bought the hardcover after listening to the audio because I loved it so much. Seriously, read this book!).

The hardest thing about packing is knowing what I will want to read while I’m away. I’m sure we’ve all been there, when planning for vacations or weekends out of town. My mood changes with the weather and the environment, and sometimes what I’ve packed just won’t work. But I’ve got a pretty good variety of genres, and I know my parent’s shelves are well-stocked too.   

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Bookseller Shana's cat has inherited their love of Sci-Fi. Here are some of Mira's top picks!
Mira, like Sal and Gabi, loves breaking things, though she hasn’t managed to break the universe (yet). Plus, it’s her human’s staff pick, so she wants to make sure you know to get it before May ends!
As a fearsome predator who lets all sorts of feathers and pieces of paper and human toes survive every day, Mira can relate to the plight of Murderbot, who could kill the humans it’s supposed to be protecting, but chooses not to.
Mira especially likes this book because it has her name written on it! It’s a book about a zombie pandemic, and Mira’s named after the author, Mira Grant! She’s pretty sure she could take a zombie. She’s FIERCE. But her human really needs to listen to her and stop cutting her claws if they want to be safe! How do they expect to survive without Mira’s protection??
Of course Mira’s already read Gideon the Ninth! But she’s rereading in preparation for the sequel coming out later this year and wanted everyone to admire her cosplay! She’s wearing black robes over white face paint too! Sort of, at least!
Uh, Mira, I love Sandman too, but are you sure you don’t want to start with the first one? Dream Country is the third volume of the comic and… oh, oh right.
Of course you want to read the issue with the cat story in it! Fair enough.
Audio Book of the Month
The Bird King by G. Willow Wilson

Fatima is a concubine of the sultan of the last emirate in the Iberian Peninsula to submit to the Spanish Inquisition. When her dearest friend, Hassan, a mapmaker who can map places he has never seen (and that do not always exist), is singled out by the Inquisition, she flees with him and a jinn, following the trail of the elusive and mythical Bird King, who may or may not be able to grant them sanctuary. Wilson’s latest novel is rich with the historical detail, lush description, and fantastical elements that we have come to know and love from her. A story of resistance, freedom, seeking, and strength, and a true fable for our times.
--Anna Elkund, University Bookstore
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Skincare in quarantine

My go-to facial moisturiser is from MUJI's sensitive line, but unlucky for me, I'm almost out and MUJI doesn't have the product online. Cue 50 hours of researching skincare. There are so many aspects of skincare that I never knew I needed to pay attention to, such as: is this brand created by womxn, which brand is cruelty-free, which brand causes the least waste, which brand will not harm my sensitive skin?? WHY IS SKINCARE LIKE THIS. I just don't think that skincare should be that exhaustive, so I've gathered a few books on skincare for those interested in a more holistic approach, and a happiness recommendation also.
PSB Bookseller Sinny
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Featured Pick for Kids
Sal and Gabi Break the Universe by Carlos Hernandez

It's rare that I find a book that so perfectly balances the drama of middle school and family problems with the drama of being able to break through the fabric of reality. Add to that the brilliant humor, a fascinating mix of characters, and the mouth-watering descriptions of Cuban food, and you've got this gem of a book. You won't soon forget it.

Featured Pick for Adults
Tiny Imperfections by Alli Frank, Asha Youmans

A fantastic blend of romance, family, food, and dance in this send-up of private school admissions. 

-- Sarah
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