Shell Turnaround
Get your business in front of thousands of people!
What is a turnaround?
A turnaround is a regular maintenance activity to ensure the safe and reliable operations of a site. With an industrial turnaround, units are shut down to inspect, clean and change out parts to ensure they will continue to perform properly.

This will be one of Shell Deer Park’s largest turnarounds with an additional 6,000 workers from the U.S. Gulf Coast supporting the site. The workforce will begin to arrive in September, peak in October and phase out through November. Turnarounds are 24/7 operations with the majority of support workers on 10-12 hour shifts. 

How can I get my business involved?
With the influx of workers the turnaround will bring, we are looking for local businesses to partner with Shell Deer Park to support the community during this time. We are in need of businesses including but not limited to hotels, restaurants, clothing stores, dry cleaning establishments and more. Have a special promotion going on? We want to know and we want to put you in contact with Shell Deer Park . If you are interested in this unique opportunity to cater to thousands of workers please feel free to contact us at the chamber with the services you provide.