Let's Talk about Growing Older, Learning on a Bus Tour, Skagit Cohousing and more...
December 2017
CoVision Consulting was founded by Shelly Parks and is committed to the success of cohousing communities, especially for those over 55. For more information about Shelly and CoVision Consulting, go to her website: CoVision Consulting or follow on her Facebook page.
Aging Better Together in Community
Growing older? Let's Talk!
You are invited to join the conversation...
We are all growing older. Will you be proactive in creating a life that addresses your hopes and fears? Or will you let it sneak up on you and be forced to react, often in crisis?

Join me for a conversation where we will dive into this important topic. Two different times are offered - January 8 and January 10. You'll walk away with a solid start in taking charge of your future.

For learn more and to register, go to www.eventbrite.com and search for Let's Talk Edmonds or press one of the buttons below.
Learning at Sharingwood
Lunch at Songaia
Songaia Tour
Learning about Cohousing on a Bus Tour
In early December, a group of us boarded a tour bus with our rain coats and umbrellas and off we went to learn about cohousing. With cohousing, it is often easier to see a neighborhood in action rather than just try and envision it.

On our tour, we were graciously welcomed by the following communities:

  • Shariningwood in Snohomish County, a rural community
  • Songaia in Bothell, a suburban community
  • Jackson Place Cohousing in Seattle, an urban community

At each stop, we had the opportunity to talk with community members who shared their unique ways of operating their communities.

One thing I really love about cohousing is there is no one way to do things. It is all about figuring out as a group what will work best for all. This opens the way for high functioning interaction, something that cohousing is known for.

We also got to see first hand how different the design of cohousing neighborhoods can be. From Sharingwood's 40 acres to Jackson Place 1.3 acres we saw how communities settings are also unique.

If you missed this tour but are interested in future tours, please email me and let me know.
Making our Own Home in Cohousing
I'm happy to report that in our personal quest for our own cohousing community Charles and I have decided to begin the process of joining Skagit Cohousing. Skagit Cohousing is an inter-generational forming group that is currently accepting members and looking for a piece of land in Skagit County. It's been fun to get to know the current members and to begin to build our friendships.

To learn more about Skagit Cohousing, click the tab below:
Tour of Jackson Place with Skagit Cohousing friends
Charles and I hanging out on the bus tour with Lynnette and Dan of Skagit Cohousing. The rainy day did not diminish our spirits as new friends always make for a sunny day.
Cohousing Workshop
For those of you interested in taking a positive step towards building a cohousing community, consider attending a workshop hosted by Grace Kim of Schemata Workshop.

For more information click here .
Intrigued by Cohousing?
Shelly has been speaking to many groups about cohousing. If you have a group of friends who have talked (maybe jokingly) about creating community together, a professional group or club that likes to explore innovative topics, or just want to discuss your own thoughts over coffee, email Shelly.

Lastly, Merry Christmas!

May you find wonder in the season...