Are you kidding? Skagit info meeting in Edmonds, Gather your Friends, and more...
May 2018
CoVision Consulting was founded by Shelly Parks and is committed to the success of cohousing communities, especially for those over 55. For more information about Shelly and CoVision Consulting, go to her website: CoVision Consulting or follow on her Facebook page.
Aging Better Together in Community
Nevada City Cohousing - talking with a neighbor
Work party at Bellingham Cohousing
Are You Kidding? Making our world a better place with cohousing.
On a recent morning, I again was reminded of how cohousing offers us a way to live more purposeful lives and to make a difference. We can be better people in cohousing.

While waiting for our cohousing neighborhood to be built, my husband and I live in a classic condo building. Like many condo buildings, it is designed in a way that hinders interaction with our neighbors. In fact, we rarely see them.

The other morning I was saddened by the message board at our mailboxes. It appears that someone asked for help and another responded with, "Are you kidding?"

How sad is this?

Contrast this with how cohousers believe in knowing and helping their neighbors. Life is so much easer, and a lot more fun, when we work together.

I hope you will join me in being a part of cohousing and creating a world where we no longer witness a sign that says, "Are you kidding?" when someone asks for help.
Thursday, June 7
10:30 AM - Noon
Claire's Restaurant
301 Main St.
Edmonds, WA 98020
Skagit Cohousing Information Meeting in Edmonds, WA
Skagit Cohousing is pleased to make it a little easier for those who live in the Seattle area to come and learn more about this developing community. You'll get the latest updates, including the details of the building site in beautiful Anacortes. You'll also learn the steps to reserve a home and the projected timeline. If you are new to cohousing and just want to learn more about it, this will be a good time to ask questions and hear why people are choosing to live in cohousing neighborhoods. Following the meeting, you are welcome to stay for a no-host lunch and afterwards you might want to pop into Rick Steves' store just around the corner. Please RSVP to Skagit Cohousing. Questions? Feel free to call Shelly at 425-308-0639
Gathering your Friends to Talk about Cohousing
Do you and your friends and/or family joke about how great it would be to live in a neighborhood together?

If so, cohousing offers a great model. Consider exploring the idea by gathering your friends and family together and having a "dream" discussion about cohousing. If you live in the Seattle area I'm happy to join you and share the answers to frequently asked questions such as:

How do we successfully build a group?
How long will it take?
How does the money work?
How much will it cost?
And more...

There is no charge for me to join you for these discussions. Just send me an email and we'll work together to find a good time to begin the dream.
Marketing for Cohousing - no car salesman techniques needed!
It's been really fun working with cohousing groups to help them build their membership. All those years of leading sales and marketing teams has given me a large tool box to share.

It was an honor to have a blog post featured on the Cohousing Association of the United States' website.
Intrigued by Cohousing?
I'm always happy to meet for coffee or set up a time to talk over the phone. If you have questions about cohousing, would like to talk about getting a group started, or maybe you need a little support with your existing group, please feel free to reach out to me