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2016 Shelter Award Winners Announced 

Each year, Michigan Pet Fund Alliance uses a variety of data to determine progress being made toward becoming a No Kill state. The primary sources are  the annual shelter reports  submitted by licensed shelters to the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (MDARD). Using these reports, MPFA created the  2016 Michigan Shelters by Save and Live Release Rate report  which can be viewed  here. (Page 4 contains definitions).

Award winner 2016
It is exciting to see that SO MANY shelters,  most of which are open admission and animal control , saving more than 90% of the animals coming through their doors. The 206 number of cats and dogs killed in shleters is just over 20,000 

Congratulations to the following award winners on their 2016 performance:
The corresponding Live Release Rate by County map reflecting 2016 data is shown below. Supporting county detail is here. Live Release Rate Map progression from 2011-2016 can be viewed here

Save Rate Map 2011-2016


MPFA Advisors Welcomed

As a statewide organization involved in many animal welfare-related issues, MPFA often relies on advice from experts in a variety of specialties and geographic areas. 
To that end, we recently updated our group of advisors and send a heartfelt "thank you" to each of them for their willingness to help MPFA when asked for advice and support.

Welcome to new and returning advisors and consultant:


Richard Angelo, Jr., Esq.
Legislative Attorney, Best Friends Animal Society

Gary Davison
Davison Associates

Beatrice M. Friedlander, J.D.
President, Attorneys for Animals

Tawny Hammond
Midwest Regional Director, Best Friends Animal Society

Tanya Hilgendorf
President and CEO, Humane Society of Huron Valley

Christie Keith

Ken Kempkens
Humane Society of Macomb Foundation

Charlie Langton
Fox 2 News and WWJ

Courtney Protz-Sanders
Executive Director, Paws for Life Rescue; Board Trustee, Mi-PACA

Amber Sitko
President and Founder, All About Animals Rescue 

Joseph Sowerby
Founder of Meet Your Best Friend at the Zoo and Pet-a-Palooza


Dr. Jeff Fortna, DVM, MS
Outside the Box Award Program deadline 10/31

Outside the Box
Shelter/rescue staff have until 10/31/17 to submit an application for the Outside the Box Award program for a chance to win $1,000 ! 

Description and rules are here. 

The application is here.

Download it, fill it out, and send via email to info@michiganpetfund.org. 
About Michigan Pet Fund Alliance 
The single mission of Michigan Pet Fund Alliance is to stop the killing of healthy and treatable homeless cats and dogs in Michigan shelters. 
MPFA is an all-volunteer organization collaborating with shelter and rescue organizations to achieve No Kill through training, technical  assistance,
 education and advocacy.
For more information: 
877-FUR-PALS  (877-387-7257)
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