March 19, 2020
Remaining connected in this time of social distancing is
vital to community care and shifting our ways to
facilitate activism around positive, progressive change.
As of Monday, March 16th, our staff, leadership, interns and volunteers have shifted to working remotely with a focus on how we can continue to provide resources for our community. Click here to keep up to date with our blog.

Local Peace Economy is the foundational principle of divesting from the unjust, extractive war economy to reallocate efforts and resources to prioritize respect and connection to one another and the earth. Every person in this world is impacted by the COVID-19 crisis, so it is especially essential for us to work collaboratively towards unifying our efforts to contain, prevent, and treat this pandemic. Yet how are we supposed to work together if we are instructed to isolate as much as possible?
  • We have created a Community Resource List that you can access, share, and contribute to: This list includes volunteer and fund sharing opportunities, self care and educational articles, specific resources for undocumented, disabled, and LGBTQ+ populations, and more. Please contribute any additions to the list by suggesting an edit or sending an email to
  • Our Community Calendar remains active with webinars, online meetings, conference calls, and event streaming. We are looking for volunteers to assist with adding remote events to our Community Calendar! If you know of an event to add or you are interested in volunteering, please contact Tara at

  • We will continue to provide online event updates in our regular Center emails - see below!

  • We are continuing our research into options for communication technology to facilitate the expansion of organizing opportunities with the Center. If you know of any such technology, please contact Tara at!

Most importantly, we want to reinforce the reality that collective care is self care. Physical distancing is one way to preserve public and personal health, but it is equally critical to remotely engage with your community through local organizations and resources, offer or accept help when necessary, and remain informed on the local, national, and global political actions occurring around the outbreak so that you can effectively vote your values in the November 2020 election!
Racial Justice and Elections: Connecting and Moving Forward (Webinar)
Friday, March 20th
12 PM
Catalyst Action Fund is hosting a free webinar dealing with formulating principles that help further advance racial justice in the electoral arena, and having a discussion around what that means in the present. Click here for more information.

**Registration required**
To attend the webinar you must register in advance with this link: .
Transitioning to Remote Teams & Organizing with “Social Distance” (2 Online Sessions)
Session 1: Tuesday, March 24th
Session 2: Th ursday, March 26th
12 PM
Many organizing groups need to transition to remote teams and fully online organizing during the COVID-19 period. Social Movement Technologies is hosting two free sessions to provide guidance, an opportunity for sharing and discussion, and access to a Slack community of organizers for follow-up and resource-sharing. Click here for more information.

**Registration required***
To attend the webinar you must register in advance with this link:
48 S. 7th Street | San José, CA 95112 | (408) 297-2299