Celebrating 40 years of History, Heritage, and Crafts
at The Museum of North Carolina Handicrafts
Call to Everyone and Anyone ever visiting, attending an event at, or being involved
with Shelton House!
Pictures, like this one taken last Spring, 2019, can't happen at Shelton House these days and it threatens to turn our 40th year into possibly our last year!
Its not just that opening day has been postponed, or the lack of tours visiting the historic home and cultural center... we have lost field trips, events scheduled in our historic barn, and the BIG event for Shelton House, The Blue Ridge Heritage Weekend scheduled for June 20 & 21 may not be the Big Event we were financially counting on. We don't even know yet WHEN we will hold the event and IF the Artists and Crafters already scheduled will still be able to come but we are doing our best to plan for going forward when the circumstances permit for us to do so with safely for all.

If you have ever visited Shelton House, volunteered, had your crafts displayed in the museum, or sold in our Gift Shop. If you were ever a part of the "Dream" started by Mary Cornwell over 40 years ago, or if you are even distantly related to the Shelton family (and that is a good percent of Haywood County), we call on you NOW to h elp us survive. We will do our best to not let this pandemic be the end of the History, Heritage, and Crafts that are Shelton House.

What many people don't understand is that Shelton House has survived on the generosity of past patrons. The amount of money that it takes to preserve Shelton House and keep it going every year is significant! Over the past years, we have relied heavily on an endowment left by museum founder, Mary Cornwell, but that money is almost gone. We knew, before Covid-19, that we were going to have to work bigger, better, and harder to survive into our 41st year but Covid-19 has really added some overwhelming challenges for us if we are to survive.

We are not trying to be overly dramatic. This is just the way it is...We need your help. We know these are tough times and that there are many important causes for you to take on but please won't you spare just a little for the preservation of this very important piece of Haywood County and North Carolina History?

Wouldn't it be great if we
could raise
$40,000 for the 40th Season!
Would you please consider helping us?

Without the support of Patrons and friends like you, Shelton House cannot continue to be what it is today...a beautiful example of the tenacity of the Appalachian Spirit. We need your continued support to help us maintain and preserve the house, grounds, and crafts so that this wonderful local, state, and national treasure, and its beauty may be enjoyed for another 40 years to come.

How YOU can help support the Shelton House and Museum of NC Handicrafts
    Visit sheltonhouse.org and click on the red Donate button in the upper right to make an online donation through Paypal or with a credit card. A one time or monthly payment can be made through this link.
      Mail a check to Shelton House,
PO Box 145 Waynesville, NC 28786
Just Click on the "Help Us Preserve and Restore" Button Below
Children and Chaperones from a local 4H Club visit Shelton House in the Spring of 2019. The House and Barn are closed for now due to Covid -19.
Easter In the the Age of
Corona Virus

Easter at Shelton House, 2019

Easter at Shelton House, 2020
Picture of Happy Children in their car after receiving Easter Candy from Shelton House Staff (sent by parent)
Shelton House may be closed due to Covid-19 but the beauty of the house and gardens continues to shine through...Thanks to Mountain View Garden Club, Waynesville Garden Club, Leigh Johnson, Don Strautz, Pam Haynes and Carol Litchfield for working, in isolation. to continue to make the Shelton House Gardens and Grounds as beautiful as ever!