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Thanksgiving Sale!


November  2013


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20% off Wool Bedding & Free Shipping!
New Website Coming Soon
Heartfelt Update
Scrap Wool and Cotton For Holiday Crafts
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  Price Increase Now in Effect


As of November 28th, 2013, a necessary price increase has gone into effect on most of our wool filled bedding product line. This is an essential part of maintaining a sustainable company that can stand strong through the changing economic times.


We are committed to using sustainable, domestic raw materials as much as possible.  All our products are made in the USA with love, and we continue to take great pride in the quality of what we create and sell to you!


Our goal is to continue offering you these beautiful handcrafted products, for generations to come.


Thank you for your support and understanding.



Holiday Recipe Ideas


A healthy tonic to drink during the cold season that I love to make is ginger, turmeric tea.  I like to make it fresh, so if you can get fresh turmeric and ginger root near you, this is the recipe I love!  I use all organic ingredients for even more vitality.  
This is great in the morning as a stimulating, warming and health enhancing tonic!

Serving size  16oz.

1 inch/2.5cm piece of  fresh turmeric

1 inch/2.5cm piece of fresh ginger

1 small apple

1 small lemon

1/4 teaspoon black pepper

1 teaspoon honey or to taste

Juice the ginger, turmeric, apple and lemon.  

Heat the pepper in 12oz. of water to a boil or close.  Strain the pepper water into a cup.  Add your honey for sweetness.  Now add in the juice, stir and enjoy!

If you don't have a juicer or would prefer a easier recipe, here are a couple:


Cheers to your health!


Happy Thanksgiving!
We are grateful to enter another season of warmth, giving, love, and celebration!
It seems that for many in our culture, the holidays have become a stressful time when pressure and expectations are at their highest. It is our wish to see this change for everyone! One way we can help is to provide comfort and nurturing with our pure wool bedding. There are many steps that can be taken to keep the balance during a busy time like this, but there are few things that are more important than a good nights sleep. 
With the intention of helping you turn your bedroom into a natural, comforting, calming and nurturing haven, we are offering 20% off all wool filled bedding and free shipping on orders over $100 this Thanksgiving weekend! 

~May the grace and serenity of the golden sunlight and shimmering frost shine on you and all your loved ones this holiday season and beyond.~
Save 2o% on Wool Mattresses, Mattress Toppers, Mattress Protectors, Comforters and Pillows plus Free shipping on orders over $100!

Treat yourself and your loved ones to the gift of pure, rejuvenating sleep!  Along with fresh air, clean water, healthy food and exercise, sleep is the only other essential for our over all well being.
This sale will last through Tuesday, December 3rd, 2013
 Aside from the naturally comforting qualities, listed below are some of the other benefits of wool:

Sleep more soundly

Studies show that people sleeping with wool bedding have a lower heart rate, less sleep disturbance, and increased duration of beneficial REM sleep.


 Wool Thermo-Regulates 

Wool is remarkably comfortable in all seasons.  In the winter it warms without overheating or causing 'clamminess'.  In warmer seasons, it actually helps to keep you cool by wicking moisture away from your skin.  This capability makes wool the ideal fiber for bedding as it helps your body to maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the night, regardless of the season!  Wool bedding is especially helpful for those who experience night-sweats or hot flashes.


 Reduces Common Bedroom Allergens

Wool is naturally dust-mite, mold and mildew resistant.  Wool quickly absorbs and releases moisture and thus does not allow the damp conditions that dust-mites and molds thrive on.  


 Naturally Fire-Resistant

The high moisture content and protective lanolin coating make wool naturally resistant to combustion.  Wool bedding is able to pass flame tests without the use of added chemicals.


 Wool Bedding Relieves Pain

Wool mattress pads and toppers provide relief from pressure points as you rest.  People suffering from chronic pain such as arthritis, fibromyalgia and bed-sores often find comfort with wool.


 Free of Chemicals and Bleaches

Many who suffer from allergies and chemical sensitivities find refuge with our pure, natural bedding products.  


Sustainable and Cruelty Free

Sheep are not harmed during the shearing process.  Our wool growers agree to raise their sheep under a series of sustainable criteria.  At the end of a useful life as a mattress or sweater, wool fibers are biodegradable and can even be composted!



**This offer is only valid from November 28th through December 3rd, 2013.  No double discounts accepted.  Customer referral credits will not be applied to discounted items.  Custom orders will not be discounted.  Free shipping is only valid within the 50 contiguous states**  


New Website Coming Soon...


We are pleased to announce that we will be launching our new website before the end of 2013!  


Thank you all for your patience with our current website.  For several months now, our website shopping cart has not been compatible with some versions of Internet Explorer.  We apologize for this inconvenience and will resolve issues like this, with our new website!


We are also happy to be starting a blog with our new website so that we can interact and share with you on a more regular basis.

In the mean time, if you continue to experience any issues with our current website, please feel free to call us for quality customer service at 800-966-5540.


Thank you again for your patience.





Update on Heartfelt
Some of you may have noticed that we don't currently have the layered felt beds on our website.  This is due to a change in the availability of the wool that has been used, up until now.  We do intend to continue to offer the layered felt bed in Euro Single and Queen, although the price will be a bit higher. Until these items are back on our website, feel free to call us to place an order.  
Here is an update from HeartFelt Collective, makers of bed felts...

Every day, our passion for felting grows. We love making bed felts for more and more people who recognize the simple wisdom in this design.  Simply layers of wool felts piled on top of each other, to the desired thickness, on top of a slatted frame.


The New Zealand organic wool we have been using is currently not available.  Without it, we cannot make the American Single or King size felts, but we are still able to make gorgeous Euro Single and Queen size felts using our own locally sourced and carded "Eco Wool."  Queen size dark felts are still available.

We hope to be back on line with a larger range of felt sizes soon. We'll keep you posted.

Wishing you a very happy and healthy winter season.

The HeartFelters


To order a Wool Medicine Felt, Click Here.


Scrap Raw Materials for Holiday Crafting 

With all of the wool bedding we create everyday, we end up with a lot of left over wool batting scraps, and organic cotton fabric.  These extras work great for crafting all kinds of cool things including dolls, rugs, quilts and dryer balls.

Our Craft Eco Wool  is super affordable and of the highest quality.  Order soon for your holiday crafting creations!  There is nothing more special than a gift made by hand, with love!

We also have bags of organic cotton scraps available for free! The only cost will be to ship them to you.  A 24" X 18" X 10" box can be shipped for about $20 to most locations in the USA. These scraps come in a variety of sizes all mixed together and work great for making rugs, quilting, weaving or whatever else you can dream up.  These are not available on our website yet, so please call our office to order, 1-800-966-5540.
Here are some more ideas on what can be done with our scrap raw materials:
~ Felt balls or toys
~ Felted purses, hats or slippers
~ Ornaments
~ Stuffed animals
~ Curtains
~ Pillows
~ Clothes
~ Eye pillows
~ Sachets
~ Lamp covers
And the list goes on and on!

 Visit our website to order our raw materials or call our shop to order a box of organic cotton scraps:  800-966-5540.
New Testimonials~

Please email us your experience with your wool bedding!  We LOVE to hear from brings us inspiration and joy to hear of your positive experiences.  Email testimonials to 
Thank you!


Imagine waking up 5 and 6 times in a night because of pain, this was my every night since my medical discharge from the military in 2008. I had tried medications, physical therapy, even needlepoint surgery on my lower back injury. I am a skeptic at heart, I am the kind of person that needs to see it to believe it. Most of that has changed and it is due to the California King 5" Wool Mattress and 3" Wool Snuggle Mate that my husband and I have purchased through Shepherd's Dream. I had read and heard about the benefits of a wool bed and so we decided to try it. Since the arrival of our wonderful bed, my waking up times at night have decreased to 1 maybe two if it is a bad night for me. I can actually get a decent amount of sleep now! It has improved my every day functioning as well as my overall attitude. I am less irritated because I have gotten sleep finally. I did not realize the drastic change that a good night's sleep can herald in, I was and am still amazed by it. We finished our bed off with a comforter and pillows. The health benefits of being surrounded by wool are fantastic! Our daughters also sleep on Shepherd's Dream products and they LOVE them. Even our animals love our bed. Most mornings you will find my husband, myself, our daughter, who comes in for her "baby love" time, and 3 cats and our large dog. The whole family loves to lounge on our bed! Thank you Shepherd's Dream team for a wonderful nights rest.


Private First Class J. Frisbie


I just had to say THANK you for offering such awesome wool at such a great price.  From the $60 for the 5lbs. of craft wool from you all, I was able to make and sell enough dryer balls to buy a sweet paralyzed dog, on the other  side of the country, a wheel chair!   You all rock!  So thank you again for being my go to place for wool!



 Some additional gratitude that I want to pass along is my thankfulness for a wonderful customer service call experience I had a few weeks ago.  I'm not sure who I spoke with, it might have been Sarah?  Our family thought our not-quite-two years old mattress topper was no longer providing the needed support so I called in for suggestions and ideas on what to do about this.  The first thing suggested was that there was probably an issue with our frame, which I rapidly dismissed.  Then the person I was speaking with patiently and energetically offered several good ideas of what we could do to get some additional support and use from our topper.  That night my husband and I did as was suggested and over the following weeks it did become clear that our issue was not the topper, nor the mattress, that the first suggestion of a better bed frame that I had tossed out was actually the correct diagnosis of our issue.  I feel a bit embarrassed that I did not seriously consider that when it was first suggested and am grateful for the patience and grace shown by the person I was speaking with to honor what I was saying (even when I turned out to be wrong and their assessment was correct).  And now a proper bed frame is on it's way to us so that we can get the best use possible out of our beloved "sheepie bed."


Our family hopes to continue shopping at your store in the years ahead and we love letting others know about your wonderful products.


With thanks,




We finally took the plunge this year and bought the 5" wool mattress to replace an organic latex mattress that had "cratered" (that was an expensive mistake). The quality of the construction on this mattress is just fantastic! And it is quite heavy -- make sure you have some help to get it onto your bed frame! It's very, very firm, which is what we were looking for, but we found that it works best for us paired with the latex strips and the wool topper. Without the latex strips, we can feel the wood slats of our bed through the mattress. With the strips, it's perfect! I love the modularity of this system -- you can swap out layers until you get to "just right."  





This amazing illustrations was send to us after one of our customers received their layered felt bed sample.  This has brought so much joy & laughter to all of us at Shepherd's Dream!  It's so great!  Thank you, thank you!



We thank you for your ongoing support of our company!  It is  truly a blessing that day after day, year after year, we are able to continue creating the most wonderful wool bedding imaginable. 
Your support empowers us to continue offering these life changing products to people everywhere!  This is how we contribute to making the world a better place for all!
We wish for this Holiday season to bring you great peace and wellness.  May your hearts be warm and bright. 

Wishing you abundance & love,

The Shepherd's Dream Team