Shepherd's Dream June Special
Save 25% off Snuggle Mate Toppers, Summer Weight Comforters and Child's Pillows

You deserve to Sleep your Natural Best all Year round! 
Remember, Wool is a temperature regulator and will help to keep you at your perfect temperature all year round.  Wool bedding actually helps to cool you down during the hot summer months.
You can also take your wool bedding camping with you for a truly rejuvenating experience.

Snuggle Mate 3" Mattress Topper

Our snuggle mate mattress topper will transform any bed into a natural, breathable and cozy sleep haven. This topper pairs perfectly with our All Wool Mattress for a completely, natural and breathable bed. 
Order now and save 25%! 

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Summer Weight Comforter

Filled purely with our premium Eco Wool batting and encased in soft Organic Cotton, our Summer Weight wool comforter is perfect for the summer months.
Snuggle up with the comfort of wool this summer and beyond with our 25% off June savings!

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Child's Pillow

Our Child's pillow can be ordered with or without an Organic Cotton cover.  Made with only the purest, Organic ingredients, this pillow is perfect for your little ones.  
Bring your child up right by helping them to sleep great with Organic, pure bedding.

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This offer is only valid from June 3rd, 2014 through June 30th, 2014.  No double discounts are offered.  Dream points can not be redeemed on discounted items.