Mission Moment
July 2021
  A note from Sheridan's Mission & Outreach Ministries
Harvesting the Fruits of God's Grace
This story is taken from Pastor Rhonda’s sermon on July 11.
If you want to hear the sermon on our podcast, click here.

Barnabas Community, specifically the worshiping community, meets on Thursday nights at 5:40pm. Barnabas was born out of Sheridan in 2007/08 and is now its own 501c3 non-profit. A free store and a gathering place for people to become friends, Barnabas serves meals twice a week and is a host to FoodNet distribution. Barnabas is located in the Belmont neighborhood of Lincoln, one of the city's poorest ZIP Codes. The people we serve are homeless, the working poor and elders on fixed incomes. The majority are resource-stretched for a variety of reasons. At Barnabas, the people we serve are our friends. We work together to be God’s love and grace in our ministry together.

Sheridan friends – you support this ministry through your engagement at Sheridan. Dig deep in your heart and soul as you hear this story. You are responsible for God’s grace.

A few weeks ago a woman who we’d never met before came to worship. She sat down at one of the decorated tables, enjoying the air conditioning on a summer day. She participated in the service, being able to follow along because we have a projector and screen now, just like here at Sheridan. The community prayed, listened to God’s word, and shared Communion together. Even though we are a small bunch, we are diverse – homeless, Spanish speakers, Native American, retired, volunteering to serve at Barnabas – and we are unified in Christ Jesus.

Following the service, this woman was speaking to Dwight Thiemann, our Executive Director at Barnabas. She shared with him that it had been 20 years since she’d had Communion. Think about that – a 20-year absence from experiencing God’s grace at the meal. And then, finally, a harvest! Remember, Sheridan folks, you made this possible through your ministry.

This is an example of the seeds planted that grow and then are harvested. We harvest what we sow. Sometimes our harvest of God’s grace is quick, sometimes it is years in the making. But when harvest comes, it is such a blessing to receive God’s amazing grace and love.
Donation Bins: School Kits
Back to school sales will be starting soon! Let us remember our neighbors around the world and help provide school kits for Lutheran World Relief.

Place the following items in the donation bins in the Great Hall:
  • Four 70-sheet paper notebooks
  • One blunt-edge scissors
  • Five black or blue ballpoint pens (no gel ink)
  • One box of 16 or 24 ct. crayons

We will provide school bags. As of now, we have plenty of rulers, pencil sharpeners, pencils and erasers from previous years' donations.
July Noisy Offering: Scholarships for Tanzania and Haiti 
Did you know that successful developing nations that show markers for working for the common good of all people have one common factor? That factor is education - especially when girls are educated! We pray for and remember our ministry partners across the globe who work diligently for their education. July's Noisy Offering will go to benefit school scholarships for children in Tanzania and Haiti.
Save the Date: Backpack Sunday Celebration & Ministry Fair
Sun., Aug. 15; 9:30am-1pm
Mark your calendars for Backpack Sunday! Bring your family to one of our worship services for a special backpack blessing followed by a celebration of community and the beginning of the school year.

We will have food available for purchase from the Waffleman™ and Kona Ice, a balloon artist, inflatables and a ministry fair to showcase all of the different ways you can get involved at Sheridan.
Timoun Trot Virtual Race
Labor Day weekend: September 4-6
“Timoun” is the Kreyol word for children or “little people” in Haiti. For over 20 years, The Haitian Timoun Foundation has invested in the most vulnerable children in Haiti. 100% of your registration serves as a donation to help foster life-giving impact for Haiti’s poor.
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