September 9, 2020
A Message from the Principal
Dear Sheridan Families,

Good evening! As promised in my Friday Flyer, below you will find information to help you begin planning for our in-person instruction to begin NEXT WEEK! You all should have received an email from your child’s classroom teacher indicating your child’s attendance schedule for the week of September 14th. Please remember for next week: 
  • Your child will either attend in-person on Monday/Wednesday OR Tuesday/Thursday.
  • When a student is not in school, they will be completing asynchronous work that is assigned via SeeSaw. 
  • All students will continue to receive the remote portion of their day through synchronous specials and other learning with specialists (M-TH).
  • Friday, September 18th is a Remote Learning Day for all students.

Self-Certification Process: 
  • All parents MUST complete the Sheridan COVID-19 Symptom Survey PRIOR to arrival every day. (By 7:00am if your child is in Cohort A or 11:00am if your child is in Cohort B.)
  • It must be filled out the day of arrival, not the night before. 
  • Please make sure you fill it out EVERY day, even if you child has symptoms. When we see this, will can follow up with you on why they are absent and how they can gain entrance back to school.
  • You will not need to present verification. We will have a list of students who have not passed or not completed the survey. 
  • If you have not completed the survey PRIOR to arrival, you will need to park in the parking lot and come to DOOR G in order to have your child's symptom screening completed by the nurse. 

Arrival and Dismissal Procedures: 
  • Please make sure you have submitted your Afternoon Dismissal Form so that we know how each child will leave school. 
  • Please view the Arrival and Dismissal Procedures for our Staggered Start and Hybrid Schedule. As most of you know, arrival and dismissal at Sheridan is...interesting. And, we get to do it twice as much this year! Please review the document linked carefully to ensure that you know which door your child will use to enter the building, traffic flow and the timing necessary for the flow of arrival and dismissal to work seamlessly. Please remember we also have two Preschool arrivals and dismissals in the mix, so timing is incredibly important. Thank you in advance for all your help!

Town Hall Meeting: 
I will be holding a Town Hall meeting TOMORROW, September 10th at 5pm. Please use this MEETING LINK to join. I will begin with highlights of what you need to know to ensure a smooth transition to in-person learning and then open it up for questions. Please feel free to help me prepare by submitting questions using this FORM

Building Independence: 
As we head into our in-person learning, and strive to maintain distance for the health and safety of all involved, we ask that you work on the following with your children to building their independence: 
  • Please send a snack that that your child can open on his/her own.
  • Your child should be able to take on and off his/her mask independently. Each child should have his/her mask ON upon exit from their car, or bike or as they approach school on foot. 
  • Please send extra clean masks with your child. We will have disposable ones on hand, but in case one gets dirty, dropped, etc. we would like them to have a clean one to put on.
  • Please try to send your child in shoes that he/she can tie independently or don’t need to be tied. 
  • Ensure that your child is seated on the passenger side of your car for easy exit. Please work with your child on entering and exiting the car with ease, independently. 

Your partnership, as we embark on this next phase of reopening, is absolutely essential. We are so incredibly grateful for the opportunity to have children back in-person. Please remember that what each and every one of us does, day in and day out, will have broader implications to our schools staying open. I am confident we can do this, as a community!



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