Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr. Endorses Lisa McClain
for Congress
America’s Sheriff - Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr. knows a conservative outsider when he sees one. He’s no nonsense, and a strong supporter of President Donald Trump. Now he has weighed in on Michigan’s 10th Congressional District race.

As he says in this endorsement video, he’s done his vetting of Lisa McClain and knows she is a rock solid conservative. Sheriff Clarke rarely offers a full endorsement in a Primary, but he’s done so in this case. 

Click below to hear him in his own words, and join Sheriff Clarke -
Support Lisa McClain for Congress!

I hope that all of the Moms had a wonderful Mother's Day yesterday!

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A big shout out to my kids for making a video for me and taking over my Facebook page yesterday morning. Love You Guys!
It was a very special for me to get the opportunity to sit down and introduce you to my incredible mom, aka "Granny". My mom has made me the woman I am today. She is my biggest fan and I love her so much !
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