A Note from the Executive Team at Sherman College of Chiropractic
We hope fall break is going well for each of you! Thank you all for your continued patience and resiliency as we adapt to our current circumstances. We are committed to keeping you informed during this transition. Should you have any questions beyond those addressed here, please reach out to Chief Operating Officer/Chief Financial Officer Karen Canup. Here are the most important updates for the week beginning September 21, 2020.
Newest Updates for the Week of September 21
CCE Site Visit Complete
Thank you!The Council on Chiropractic Education (CCE) site visit is now complete. The visit was very successful and went exactly as the college expected with no surprises. A formal site team report and recommendations will be forthcoming from CCE at a later date at which time the college will respond. The Council will meet in January and inform the college of their findings. Thank you to each and every one who participated in this first ever virtual reaffirmation experience as well as in the preparation leading up to it over the last two years, and for making the visit a success.
Commencement Video Available
Fifty-one students from around the world celebrated their graduation from Sherman College on Saturday, September 19, during the college’s first ever virtual commencement ceremony. The college’s 137th commencement was a shared ceremony for June and September 2020 graduates. The ceremony premiered on the college’s Facebook and YouTube platforms and featured award presentations, speeches, and a photo presentation of the graduates. Sherman College Assistant Professor of Clinical Sciences Terry E. Lancaster, M.A., presented the commencement address, and Frank Vaught Jr., D.C., delivered the charge to the graduates.

You can watch the ceremony on these platforms:

The following graduates received awards:
  • Cid Marie Correa Irizarry of Puerto Rico (June class): Clinical Excellence Award
  • Megan Grady of Pennsylvania (September class): Academic Achievement Award
  • Michael Gregory Haun of Tennessee (June class): Milton W. Garfunkel Award, Academic Achievement Award
  • Tara Dawn Levesque of Maine (September class): Milton W. Garfunkel Award, Clinical Excellence Award
  • Teena Marie Rowe of Kentucky (June class): B.J. Palmer Philosophy Distinction Award
  • Regina Renee Sanders of South Carolina (September class): Service Distinction Award
  • Charles Thomas Tucker III of South Carolina (June class): Service Distinction Award, B.J. Palmer Philosophy Distinction Award
Gelardi Student Center Use for Students
Beginning September 28, 2020, the Gelardi Student Center will open Monday – Friday from 7:45 a.m. - 7:00 p.m. You may enter via any of the double doors – two on the upper floor and one set downstairs. These hours will include the sitting area with the club chairs and tables, the alcoves and the café area. Please respect and adhere to the maximum number of occupants allowed at each sitting area, alcove and café table.

Beginning October 5, study rooms will be open Monday through Thursday, 7:45 am – 7:00 pm. Please respect and adhere to the maximum number of occupants allowed in each study room or table. Masks must be worn if two or more individuals occupy any study or sitting area. Study spaces and sitting rooms must be properly sanitized with provided cleaning supplies when individuals finish using the spaces. If the maximum number of occupants is reached and/or if college protocols are not being followed, individuals will be asked to vacate the building. This includes not properly sanitizing any area or room when leaving. Repeated offenses will result in disciplinary action.

Library hours are Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 10:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Social distancing of 6 feet must be maintained in the library at all times – individuals not adhering to this requirement will be asked to leave. Everyone should wash their hands utilizing restrooms to the right of the elevator before entering the library. Bookstore Hours have not been determined and will be posted at the bookstore or sent via email to the campus community.

The Gelardi Student Center will close daily from 12:30 - 1:30 p.m. for an additional deep cleaning to be performed. Please plan to exit the building by the designated time or when asked.
Important Reminders
Safety and Use of Walkways
As you are returning to campus and especially to the Health Center for patient care or class, please remember that you should NOT come up the grass hill from the parking lots to the rear entrance of the Health Center. You must use the paved walkways.This is a safety issue for your sake, as a slip and fall on the hill, even in the grass could cause a serious injury.

Additionally, this has been tracking a great deal of grass into the Health Center unnecessarily, which is not only unsightly but also a safety issue now inside the building as grass on the flooring can cause someone to slip and fall.
Registration Open for November Showcase
Do you know someone who is thinking about a career in chiropractic? Our VIP event, Showcase Sherman Weekend, is designed to help prospective students begin their pursuit of becoming a doctor of chiropractic and ignite their passion for leadership.

Registration for the November Showcase Sherman will open Friday, September 11. Space is very limited and strict safety protocols will be enforced. Learn more on our website.
What You Need to Know: Fall 2020 at Sherman
The college will be taking a big step toward normal operations in the fall by implementing a 50 percent on campus teaching schedule. The college will continue to follow CDC and SC-DHEC guidelines to ensure your that the campus environment is as safe as possible.

The special waiver that the college has received to teach an online program is set to expire at the end of the year. Full time, face-to-face instruction must resume in January. To prepare for this, we must begin transitioning back to campus in fall 2020.

Below are some key points you need to know:
  • The college is updating its mitigation procedures and requirements for fall. The new guidelines will be sent to you in the next few weeks. Please review before next quarter.
  • Department heads are responsible for ensuring that there is adequate on-campus personnel at any given time to ensure appropriate services are available next quarter. If you have questions, please contact your department supervisor.
  • Students should plan to attend the live, on-campus sessions and must contact their instructors if they need alternate plans.
  • Anyone with a concern about their health or the college’s mitigation efforts should contact Reopening Director Dr. Janice Higgins-Fordree.
  • All campus buildings will be open and operating in the fall, though some spaces will have limited access at certain times in order to ensure appropriate cleaning of the space.
Two Important Updates from Student Affairs
Student Affairs would like to address two important points mentioned in the Office of Academic Affairs memo issued on August 20.

Children on Campus
Due to COVID-19 guidelines, the unusual circumstances caused by COVID-19 that impact typical daily activities, and in the interest of safety for everyone, the college is temporarily suspending the current children on campus policy. We will follow our current campus COVID-19 policy of no children on campus until further notice.

We realize that some students may have extenuating circumstances that make it difficult to attend all or some classes due to childcare needs (ex. closed childcare facilities, sick children, children doing virtual learning at home, health conditions, etc.), therefore, the college is providing alternative arrangements for you to meet course requirements online (similar to the past two quarters). To set up these arrangements, you will need to directly contact your faculty to let them know that you will not be able to attend in-person class sessions. You will be directed on how you will participate virtually to meet course requirements. Be specific in letting them know if this is a temporary situation versus a situation you anticipate lasting the entire quarter. While campus communication strongly encourages students to come to class when possible during the fall, we are still very understanding that there are reasons at this time beyond your control that may prevent this from happening.

Open spaces/study spaces
Study rooms and social areas upstairs in the Gelardi Student Center will reopen for the fall quarter. Any student desiring to use this study space is being asked to respect and follow campus COVID-19 guidelines. Anyone found not following the guidelines may be subject to disciplinary action under the Student Code of Conduct for not following campus policy. Guidelines for using these spaces will be printed and will be highly visible in each study room.

General expectations for the use of the private study spaces include:
  • Rooms will be available on a first-come, first-available basis. We ask that you not occupy a room more than two consecutive hours to allow equal opportunity for others.
  • No food is allowed in the study rooms due to the type of cleaning supplies used on the table surfaces multiple times per day.
  • Respect the occupancy limit listed per room.
  • Clean your study space using the products provided once you are finished in the space.
  • If there are two or more individuals in any study or sitting room, masks must be worn (several study rooms/sitting areas allow more than one person at the same time).

The student center will be closed for one hour each day for additional and more thorough cleaning to occur. You will be notified when the standard cleaning time will occur daily. We are looking forward to your safe return to campus, and we appreciate your cooperation during these unusual times.
Fall 2020 Return to Campus
The college will be taking a big step toward normal operations in the fall by implementing a 50 percent on-campus teaching schedule. It is likely that the college will incorporate more on-line teaching methods on a permanent basis as we move into 2021. This means that there will be less “seat-time” on-campus for your future classes.

Your attendance and participation efforts are very important and will serve to:
  • refine your courses to fit the new model in the winter
  • continue to document your program attendance for federal requirements
  • help you learn the hands-on aspects of chiropractic more effectively.

Your Schedule
Registration will begin this week. You will be able to view the on-campus meeting schedule for your quarter/courses during registration. You should notice three trends on the fall schedule:
  • In-person class meetings have been limited to 25 to 50 percent of the course hours.
  • Most of your lecture-based courses will be in held in one classroom. The college tried to keep each cohort’s lecture courses in the same room to reduce the number of students in the hallways during transition times. Room changes may be necessary for any class that requires specialized equipment. Students on special schedules will still need to switch rooms.
  • Lower quarter courses are scheduled earlier in the week and upper quarter courses are scheduled later in the week. This will reduce the total number of students on campus throughout each day.

Your Attendance
Chiropractic is a hands-on profession. The college expects that you will make every effort to ensure you can take advantage of the return of live, face-to-face on-campus training. We understand that some students may have extenuating circumstances that could prevent on-campus attendance throughout the quarter. Circumstances related to travel restrictions, children or dependent care needs due to quarantine or school cancellations and health concerns will be taken into account. You must communicate with your faculty members as soon as possible if you have an extenuating circumstance that prevents you from attending class on campus. Faculty will provide an alternative through the Microsoft Teams application.

We realize that the transition back to campus may be as difficult as the transition to online learning. We do not want you to fall behind, so please make every attempt to attend these valuable on-campus sessions.
Fall 2020 Clinic Operations
Fall 2020 clinic operations will increase as the campus continues to reopen. A summary of the clinic expectations are listed below and will be in your clinic level course syllabus:

  • Requirements include a minimum of two visits per week for seven weeks. All interns should work closely with their case doctors to exceed this minimum and increase hands-on training and experience as well as increase service to patients.
  • Many of the clinic course requirements, assignments and assessments will continue via Schoology in the distance learning format.
  • Some face-to-face class meetings and workshops may be required. Consult your syllabus and case doctor for additional information.
  • Clinic levels 740, 750 and 810 may book appointments in 30-minute increments with case doctor approval. Clinic 722 and 730 interns must book 60-minute appointment blocks. This allows for efficiency as well as time for appropriate post-visit room cleaning.
  • Clinic level days for patient care will remain the same as summer 2020 quarter, with special consideration on an individual basis and with case doctor approval:
  • Monday and Wednesday – CLIN 740, 750
  • Tuesday and Thursday – CLIN 722, 730 and 810
  • Friday – All clinic levels

The college will continue to monitor COVID-19 updates and to review and adjust these guidelines at regular intervals and as any situation develops. If you have any health concerns, please email reopening director Dr. Janice Higgins-Fordree. Thank you for your understanding and patience as we work together through these procedures.
Student Emergency Funds Available
The Offices of Institutional Advancement and Public Relations have established the Sherman Pride Student Emergency Fund (SPSEF) to assist students. The fund allows students to request up to $500 for urgent needs and will not require repayment. We are grateful to supporters for caring and giving during these challenging times. Together we have raised $30,477 and counting! Students, please email FInancial Aid to: request copy of the SPSEF application and submit completed forms and accompanying documentation. Please also reach out with any questions about the SPSEF or the application process. You can also contact Development Coordinator Mary Watts.
Campus Protocol Update: SC-DHEC Updates
As Sherman College diligently monitors state and local COVID-19 guidelines, we are continuously adapting our procedures to follow suggested guideline revisions. Published in July, the SC-DHEC COVID-19 Guidance for Colleges and Universities stated the following under the Screening section, 2(a): Routine temperature screening of all persons entering campus buildings is not recommended at this time.

In accordance with this revised recommendation, the Executive Team approved the revision, and now temperature screenings in the Olsen and Scallon Buildings will be performed randomly throughout the day by Dr. Janice Higgins-Fordree and designated appointees. If you are chosen for a random temperature screening, you must comply. The revised guideline began on Monday, August 10, 2020.

The Sherman College Health Center will continue using the previous established protocols.
The College continues to recommend all individuals to frequently wash their hands with soap and water and observe social distancing guidelines. As always, if you are sick, feel sick or think you may be sick, please do not come to campus. Please contact Dr. Janice Higgins-Fordree with any questions or concerns.
Campus Protocol Update: CDC Guidelines
Per updated CDC guidelines, Sherman College is making the following revisions to campus protocols:
  • If an individual tests positive for COVID-19, they are only required to self-quarantine for 10 days after symptom onset, are fever free for 24 hours and have improvement of symptoms. Exceptions to this would be someone who is immunocompromised and may require a longer quarantine time.
  • Due to the 14-day incubation period of COVID-19, if someone is exposed to COVID19, the individual is still required to self-quarantine 14 days to determine if they are infected and to keep from possibly spreading the virus. The 14 day self-quarantine would not apply if an individual is tested after exposure and receives a negative test result.
As before, if you think you are sick, feel sick or think there is a possibility of you becoming sick, please do not come to campus. If you have either of the above situations, please contact Dr. Janice Higgins-Fordree immediately; you may also contact her with any questions or concerns.
Gelardi Student Center Event Space Usage
As we continue planning our phased return to campus, our highest priority remains the health, safety and security of our campus community. For these reasons and due to the ongoing requirement of social distancing, for the remainder of 2020, the college is restricting the use and function of the event space to accommodate events that support student success. Events granted permission to host in the event space this year will follow the same protocols as the Health Center and Scallon Hall. The college’s leadership team will continue to monitor the evolving landscape and use the remainder of 2020 to determine the future use and function of the event space.
Student Affairs Offers Support
Recent events and the global COVID-19 pandemic crisis has left many students and employees feeling an abundance of hurt, frustration, confusion, anger, sadness, helplessness, and more. We acknowledge that Sherman College does not have all the answers to your specific concerns, but we want you to know that you and your concerns matter. We are working to build an even stronger campus community where everyone feels valued and supported. Please reach out for help to Student Affairs, Campus Counseling, or any other trusted resource. We are here for you. Let’s grow, let’s heal, and let’s become stronger, together. Email us for assistance.
Sherman College Reopening Guide Online
Phase 4 of the college’s reopening plan begins in fall quarter. Student success continues to be at the forefront of all college actions with regard to reopening, and the college is committed to the highest standards of health, safety and security. The college will closely monitor the state, local and national recommendations as it plans the fall quarter. Additionally, the college will continue to seek employee and student feedback on the effectiveness of the initial three phases to make informed plans for the fall. View the Reopening Guide.