Sherman Oaks Neighborhood Council June 2021: Issue #6
Summer is here!
SONC Election 2021
Candidate Results

Visit this link to view the City Clerk's official results. Thank you to all the candidates who ran, for the community members who voted in the Sherman Oaks Neighborhood Council 2021 Election.

SONC Monthly Meetings
for June 2021

June 1st, 2021, 6pm

June 2nd, 2021, 8pm

June 3rd, 2021, 6:30pm

June 8th, 2021, 6:30pm

June 14th, 2021, 6:30pm

*Please visit calendar for date.
To view webinar details,
please visit the calendar.

June 15th, 2021, 7pm

June 17th, 2021, 6:30pm

June 21st, 2021, 7pm

June 22nd, 2021, 7pm

June 23rd, 2021, 6:30pm

*=Visit Committee page to confirm date & time.
Message from the President
Jeffrey Hartsough
Welcome to the Ziff Flyer, the newsletter for the Sherman Oaks Neighborhood Council (SONC).

Thank you for being an interested and involved member of the Sherman Oaks community.
SONC Election 2021

Thank you to all 23 candidates who stood for election in this year’s SONC board elections. It was a curious election season, with limited public interaction, virtual public meetings, and complex voting requirements, it wasn’t your normal series of campaign events, meet the voters, and get out the vote efforts leading up to election day.

Jeffrey Hartsough
President of SONC
Community Interest 2
Fourteen candidates won seats on the SONC Board and will be officially joining the Board in July. Seven of those elected are new to the Board and seven are re-elected current Board members. We look forward to working with all of you to make our Sherman Oaks community better.
I was impressed with all the candidates. I hope the candidates enjoyed campaigning, participating in the candidate forums, and getting to know more about our community and SONC. I also look forward to working with those that did not get elected. They expressed an enthusiasm and passion for our Sherman Oaks community that we should include and celebrate. 

To view the Sherman Oaks Neighborhood Council 2021 Election results, please visit:

Returning to the New Normal
Yes, we are hopeful that the pandemic restrictions will be eased and ended over the next months. Los Angeles is making progress. If you have not gotten vaccinated yet, please do it as soon as possible. Vaccinations are now available to everyone 12 years old or older.

Restrictions are being eased. Schools are opening to in-person classes. Restaurants are “more” open. And on June 15, there is talk of lifting restrictions even further. Yes, we are hopeful. BUT we are not there yet. Please continue to be cautious and respectful of others.

Along with all the hardships and restrictions caused by the pandemic during the last year, there has been at least one benefit. I know, hard to believe. Because of the public gathering restrictions, SONC and other public meetings have been held virtually so folks could “attend” virtually. As a result, more Sherman Oaks stakeholders have been attending SONC committee and board meetings. We hope that continues to be an option once “in person” public meetings are allowed/required. You can find out about SONC meetings and how to attend them on the SONC website. Give it a try.

Upcoming Challenges –
Your Participation – Your Help
We all face day-to-day challenges of family, work, school, sports, and the list goes on. We also share the challenge of being part of the Sherman Oaks community and Los Angeles. SONC is actively trying to represent you when issues that affect the quality of life in Sherman Oaks are identified. The issues are not simple, often complex. The solutions are not easy. Think about how you can participate. How you might help.

An immediate example: The Sepulveda Transit Corridor Project (STCP). Metro is in the planning stages of a proposed “subway” between the San Fernando Valley and the Westside. Decisions made now will determine what and where the “subway” will be built. It will take years to build. It will have a huge impact on the quality of life in Sherman Oaks. We hope you will learn about and share your thoughts about it with SONC and Metro. 

Just one example.

Our committees continue working on issues like this one that are important to the quality of life in Sherman Oaks. Please read about what they are doing in this Newsletter, attend community meetings, and become involved. 

Please continue to be thoughtful of and kind to others. It makes a difference. We need each other’s support.

Stay safe, healthy, and in good spirits.

 -- Jeffrey Hartsough
Not sure what area you live in and who your
Sherman Oaks Neighborhood Council representative is? Email with your address or cross-streets with the navigational direction --
we will help you out!

Join Madeleine, a 12-year old student from Buckley School, in remembering those who have died of Covid-19.

MAIL 8 inch x 8 inch MEMORIAL SQUARES to:

3940 Laurel Canyon Blvd #443
Studio City, CA 91604

Visit for more info.

If you are interested in volunteering with the
LA Regional Food Bank, please visit this link here.

Questions, concerns, please email: 

Virtual SONC Meetings – Join Us

On March 12, 2020, the City, in response to the pandemic, suspended all meetings, activities, and events of SONC. We missed the annual Spring Tree Giveaway. We missed you at our meetings. In May 2020, SONC began to hold “virtual” meetings. These “virtual” meetings are held by way of teleconferences and video conferences. 

Information about the meetings and how to “join in” is available on the SONC website: Please give us your feedback and comments. 

The next SONC Board meeting
is on June 14th, 2021.
We hope you join us.

Webinar ID: 85140543942
Telephone: 1-669-900-6833, enter 85140543942 #
SONC Board Meeting November 9th, 2020
June 14th, 2021 -- SONC Board Meeting

The agenda will be available on June 11th, 2021 on the SONC website,

To join SONC's virtual board meeting on
June 14th, 2021 at 6:30 pm.

By Telephone:
1-669-900-6833, enter 85140543942 #

By the Internet:
(1) Follow link:
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Or from a Zoom “Enter the Meeting” Screen:
(1) Enter the Webinar ID: 85140543942
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Should you have technical questions or issues, please email
Volunteer with NHIFP

The season for giving is here! Take advantage of helping out your community.

North Hollywood Interfaith Food Pantry is looking
for volunteers.
To sign up, please visit:

SONC's Public Safety
Kids Personal Safety Series

The Public Safety Committee has partnered with KMA, a martial arts studio in Sherman Oaks, to bring a summer Kids Safety series that will culminate in a free Kids Self-Defense Workshop in September.

The Instructors will bring Kids Safety tips and demos at the PSC monthly meetings - then will host an in-person workshop in Sept.  

The June PSC meeting will be the longest of the presentations (25 min) and will address the profile of the typical kid-predator, lures they use and some Kid Rules that are easy for kids to follow.. and for Parents to help enforce.

  1. June 8th, 6:30pm – 25 min. presentation
  2. July 13th, 6:30pm – 5-10 min presentation & kid demos
  3. August 10th, 6:30pm – 5-10 min presentation & kid demos
  4. **September we will celebrate the end of the Series with a free, in-person kids Safety Workshop (date/times tbd)

Next meeting will be next 
Tuesday, June 8, 2021 at 6:30pm.
Phone: 1-669-900-6833,
Webinar ID: 842 7040 8817
Zoom Webinar ID: 842 7040 8817

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Early Notification System via Department of Neighborhood Empowerment to receive all agendas for both board meetings and committee meetings.

Volunteer with
The Valley of Change

The Valley of Change presents "Feed our friends in need" on the Second Saturday of the month from 8:30 - 11:30 AM.

For more information please visit,

Stay connected:
IG: @TheValleyofChange
Twitter: @ValleyChange

L.A. Works

Join L.A. Works and learn about all the volunteer opportunities available here in our great City of Los Angeles!

Facebook - @laworks 
Twitter - @LAWorksNow 
Instagram - @laworksnow 

Please visit

LAUSD Updates from Tammy Ramirez
Deputy Director of School and Community Engagement
2021-2022 Calendar
I’m happy to share with you that there are no major changes to the calendar for next school year, which is in alignment with the feedback that parents shared. The next school year will be starting on Monday, August 16. And you’ll continue to have a 3 week winter break, and 1 week spring break. Please see attached calendar for further details.
Local District Town Halls
The local districts are forging ahead with their monthly town halls. Northeast will be holding theirs during the first week of June. I encourage your family to tune in because they’ll be reviewing what graduation season looks like, as well as summer school. 
Summer School
For the second year in a row, LAUSD will be offering comprehensive summer school options to all students who want it. Summer school enrollment opened on Monday, May 14. And the summer enrichment window opens on June 1st.  There will be a mix of in-person and online options available. To learn more and register, you may visit:
The CDC announced that youth ages 12+ are eligible for the Pfizer shot. LAUSD is currently operating 3 vaccination sites in the San Fernando Valley at Panorama High School, Monroe High School, and Maclay Middle School. Students and their household members, be it an older sibling, parent, grandparent, etc - can make an appointment by calling (213) 328-3958. They’ll then connect you to the closest site that has Pfizer available. 
Starting today, mobile vaccination units will travel to middle and high schools to offer the vaccine to anyone who wants it. At this time, the vaccine is not mandatory for either students or staff. And a parent/guardian must be present if you’re a minor. 

Tammy is always available via email. Please reach out to
if you have a question and we will connect you.
VISION & PLUM Committee -- Jeff Kalban, Chair
Metro is studying five concepts for the Sepulveda Corridor Transit project. Three of them currently threatening our community with above ground trains that will wipe out countless single family homes, condos and apartments from Sepulveda and Valley Vista up the entire length of Sherman Oaks and into Van Nuys. 
Recently, Jeff Kalban (SONC) and Bob Anderson of SOHA toured these proposed routes with Councilmember Raman and discussed their potential impact. She shared our concern and agrees the 100% underground concepts are preferred.

At the same time the State is proposing bills that will do away with single family zoning. Making every residential property in Sherman Oaks multifamily. SB 9 will allow 4 to 6 units where one house is allowed today and SB 10 will allow a 10 unit apartment house to be built on every single family lot and you can do nothing about it. Tell Senator Hertzberg and Assemblymember Nazarian that they MUST vote no and that you will not let your community and your home be destroyed by SB 9 and SB 10. 
Please join us and attend our virtual meetings. Vision meets at 6:30 on the first Thursday of the month and PLUM at 6:30 on the third Thursday. We will be discussing the Community Plan Updates, Metro, the State housing bills and real solutions to the affordable housing crisis.

To access the next Virtual Meeting on the Zoom Platform,
please see PLUM/Vision Committee page for updates and agendas.

EDUCATION Committee-- Joe Cappelletti, Chair
The SONC Education Committee is dedicated to establishing and supporting programs and volunteer resources related to education. We are committed to supporting our educators, our families and our community leaders. Monthly meetings provide an open, welcoming forum for stakeholders to get involved in helping us to make a positive impact and to build stronger connections between us.  
Speaker Series Update:

SONC Education Committee has been so fortunate to present engaging speakers for three separate events. George Lipsitz kicked off the program in October, Martinique Starnes joined us in December and just last month Victor Narro and Janna Shadduck-Hernandez co-presented. All of these free virtual (zoom) offerings were recorded and are available on the SONC website. If you were unable to attend our live events – no worries! You can access all three at at your convenience. Each guest provided a well-researched, dynamic and engaging hour related to our theme of racial disparities in housing, education and labor. Our final speaker of this inaugural series was with Fritzi Horstman who joined us on April 24th at 2 pm. Fritzi is the Founder and Director of the Compassion Prison Project ( and she discussed her work with compassionate advocacy. This was our last event for our first “season” of speakers. We will pick back up again in the Fall with a new series and a new theme that will be announced in the near future. 
Our goal this year was to provide a forum to bridge social science professionals and interested neighbors who hope to gain deeper insight into differences of all kinds based on ethnicity with an interest in cultivating a more understanding, engaged and connected community!

If you have a suggestion for us regarding future speakers or general topics of interest - please let us know! We’d love to hear from you. And if you or anyone you know would like to get involved with SONC or the Education Committee…all you have to do is ask! Reach out, introduce yourself and let your voice be heard! More than anything we want to serve this community we all love and we welcome all interested neighbors to be a part of building a better future here in Sherman Oaks!

Tutoring Update:
Tutoring continues at Grant High School where Seniors are tutoring Freshman and Sophomores in a variety of academic subjects including AP Physics, Bio and Spanish. This Program is led by SONC Youth Board member, Marcus Zimmerman.

A new program began at Hi-Tech LA Middle School the week of February 1st. Tutors from Notre Dame High School have been partnered with Middle School teachers who have aligned their area of interest with the students. Nine tutors are assisting students with homework up to three times per week. In addition, the students launched an Art Club, Anime Club, Lego Club, and Mock Trial Club after school. Eventually, they will launch additional clubs including a Current Events Club, Chess Club, and World Sports Club.

The SONC tutoring program has also connected with Van Nuys Middle School about a potential mentorship program with Science Academy STEM Magnet. The goal is to have the Science Academy High School students create and conduct STEM talks for the middle school students and then collaborate on a community service project together. 

We are also working with local Sherman Oaks schools to help to facilitate beautification projects. We hope to assist by helping to connect local mural artists with schools as requested by administrators. Updates soon!

Committee: Joe Cappelletti, Lisa Cappelletti, Fran Kerzner, Alexandria Naseef, Sarah Mirman, Marcus Zimmerman, Chris Wiggins, Owen Cappelletti

To access the next Virtual Meeting on the Zoom Platform,
please see Education Committee page for updates and agendas.

For parents who are teaching their kids at home. Please check out this Education Resource Guide put together by the Education Committee.
Please click on the button below.
GOVERNMENT AFFAIRS Committee-- Gil Imber, Chair
The SONC Government Affairs Committee continues to review, consider, and vote on matters of citywide concern, including city council activity, legislation, and other items involving governing bodies, departments, and individuals.
The Committee generally meets on the fourth Tuesday of each month and members of the public are invited to attend and provide input on positions the Neighborhood Council should take.

At its March 8, 2021 meeting the SONC Board adopted several items from the Government Affairs committee, including a commitment and support for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Training in the Neighborhood Council system (CF 20-0990); support for an investigation into city employee involvement in the January 6 insurrection on the US Capitol (CF 21-0051); LADOT's legislative proposals for 2021-22 including measures designed to increase road safety (CF 21-0002-S8); and advocating for Sherman Oaks' position relative to air traffic, noise, and pollution in supporting creation of a Van Nuys Airport (VNY) IFP Gateway Request Working Group with the goal of compelling FAA to modify its departure procedures at VNY, instituted several years ago without input, adequate notice, or consideration for the community's concern.

Pursuant to the March 8 motion it is now officially SONC's position that FAA failed to disclose key findings, facts, and other information and failed to use such information in assessing and ultimately implementing what has become a significantly detrimental and unpopular NextGen program at VNY and BUR, and we now seek remedies, including a new supplemental environmental assessment, as the next step to stand up for Sherman Oaks, which has been disproportionately harmed by FAA's actions. We have requested Los Angeles District 4 Councilmember Nithya Raman assist us in this endeavor.

At its March 23, 2021 meeting, the Government Affairs Committee discussed City Council's motion regarding CARE+ Cleanups at homeless encampments (CF 21-0031) and Asian American / Pacific Islanders / Hate Crimes / Discrimination / Harassment / Violence items CF 21-0002-S61 and CF 21-0264.

Government Affairs will continue its discussion of the ongoing LA City Council and School Board redistricting process at its next meeting, with great regard for considering which City Council District placement will best serve the interests of Sherman Oaks residents and stakeholders.

To access the next Virtual Meeting on the Zoom platform: please see our Government Affairs Committee Page for agendas and webinar info.

OUTREACH Committee-- Sarah Manuel, Chair
Please join the Outreach Committee for our next meeting on Tuesday, June 15th, 2021 at 7pm. We will be continuing the discussion of our 2021 Community Programming.
Do you consider yourself someone who cares about Sherman Oaks, is creative and willing to go the extra mile? Then please, come to our regular meeting, submit your public comment, introduce yourself and let's work together! We are always looking for extra hands to take on the roles of Outreach, including communications and community programming.

Also, there are at least 3 different opportunities/platforms to get involved with YOUR community, please see our partner organization ads including The Valley of Change, L.A. Works and North Hollywood Interfaith Food Pantry. We may be apart but we are still working together.

Want real-time information and updates? Take advantage of being informed and participate in your community. We will continue to post information about volunteering, resources and more, so please "Like" us on FB and follow us on IG.

To access the next Virtual Meeting on the Zoom platform: please see Outreach Committee Page for agendas and webinar info.

Christy Adair, Chair
Jenna Lewis

The Public Safety Committee meets the 2nd Tuesday of every month.

If you have any questions, please email at: 
SONC Public Safety Committee is proud to present a Summer Series of Kids Personal Safety with Sherman Oaks martial arts studio, KMA Black Belt Champions. KMA has taught thousands of kids self-defense and will be sharing their unique insights over the next few months in our Public Safety Committee meetings.

At any age - it is universally understood that the best self-defense is a keen awareness of your surroundings. Next time you go out with your kids, ask them, “Look around, where is Safety?”

For our June 8th meeting, KMA Instructors will discuss:
·     Statistics and Profile of a typical child predator
·     Common lures bad guys use to pull your kid into their world
·     Safe Zones and Rules Kids can follow

The old idea of ‘Stranger-Danger’ doesn’t really work because strangers are everywhere! But early realization that someone means harm is an important skill that can be learned. We want to keep our Sherman Oaks kids safe with this 4-part series.

Parents, Aunts/Uncles, Caregivers, Grandparents – are all invited to our meetings to watch the presentations and demos, ask questions and be part of a simple way of keeping our kids safer in this world.

1.        June 8th, 6:30pm – 25 min. presentation
2.      July 13th, 6:30pm – 5-10 min presentation & kid demos
3.       August 10th, 6:30pm – 5-10 min presentation & kid demos
4.      **September we will celebrate the end of the Series with a free, in-person kids Safety Workshop (date/times tbd)
If you have any questions, please email:

Our next meeting will be next Tuesday, June 8, 2021 at 6:30pm.
By Telephone: Dial 1-669-900-6833,
Enter Webinar ID 842 7040 8817, and Press #
Cut and Paste 
Press “Enter”
Or on Zoom join meeting screen enter
Webinar ID: 842 7040 8817

To access this Virtual Meeting on the Zoom Platform: please see Public Safety Committee page for agendas and webinar info.

-- AVO BABIAN, Chair
Our Green and Sustainability committee is working on raising awareness regarding native landscaping, which requires less water and can still look beautiful. We are balancing water conservation while keeping with the style and preferences in the esthetics of our neighborhood.
We are also working on a list to promote Green and Environmentally friendly businesses in Sherman Oaks. We also are working hard to preserve our tree covers which make our neighborhood more enjoyable. We don't just focus on our neighborhood but we also work hard to take a stand on City Council Activities and Files. This month we will be discussing the new rules on Oil extraction in our city, the new expectation of LADWP in regards to renewable energy and the future of single use plastics in our City.

Our Committee meetings are on the first Wed of every month. Please join us for our next Virtual meeting to help with local and city wide issues.

To access this Virtual Meeting on the Zoom Platform: please see Green and Sustainability Committee page for agendas and webinar info.

Traffic and Transportation Committee
Our Traffic and Transportation committee is currently working hard to improve traffic issues in Sherman Oaks. We are working to balance the needs of our residential lifestyle with the needs of a large Metropolitan City that requires large amounts of transportation for work, business and overall lifestyle needs. Last month we took action to pressure our city council to spend the funds on projects that provide results to improve traffic in Sherman Oaks. The Sepulveda Transit Corridor, which is the funnel between the valley and Westside, is a large contributor to our traffic issues. Currently, METRO, which is a county wide organization, is planning a $10 Billion dollar project to alleviate this traffic choke point. There are now 5 major options being studied. METRO has voted for funds to study the options. We have taken action in the past to promote an underground option only. The solution they will implement will affect Sherman Oaks for many years in the future. Therefore a solution that includes what is best for Sherman Oaks should be considered

Our committee meets on the 2nd Wed of every month.
So please join us at our next Virtual meeting. We will provide updates on the METRO Sepulveda Project. We will also be working on ways to improve our parking situations, and promoting our local DASH

If you are interested in learning more about alternative methods of transportation including DASH, riding a bike or learning about the future of the Sepulveda Metro Project, consider attending a Traffic & Transportation meeting. 

To access this Virtual Meeting on the Zoom Platform: please see Traffic & Transportation Committee page for agendas and webinar info.

Howard wants to hear from you! If you are reading this, you are indeed a Sherman Oaks stakeholder -- your input on the city budget and city services is important. Please contact Howard with questions, for further information or to provide input.
He is here to help you understand the Budget Advocates and what they do to help our community. If you want a copy of Budget Advocates Reports & Updates, please email Howard at or please visit for more information.

Please visit this link to view the mid-month report update provided with the recent passage in Congress of the American Rescue Plan Act under which Los Angeles will receive reimbursement for Covid related and other expenses which will offset the budget deficit.

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Interested in joining the LAPD Volunteer program?

Please contact Alan Scher for more information.

For more information about Van Nuys Neighborhood Watch News please visit this link.
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If you live, work, own property, own a business or belong to a non-profit organization, school or religious institution in Sherman Oaks, you are a stakeholder in Sherman Oaks. We hold monthly Board of Directors and various committee meetings which you are invited to attend to learn about and participate in your community. Join SONC's Mailing List today.