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Sherman Joins College Town
Career Fair

Sherman College participated in College Town Spartanburg's inaugural College Town Career Fair on February 27 at the Spartanburg Marriott. Developed to retain collegiate talent, the fair connected Spartanburg area employers to students seeking careers and internship experience. Spartanburg has seven distinct institutions of higher education within its boundaries, and it also has the highest per capita college student population of any major city in the state of South Carolina.

Send Prospective Students
to Showcase Sherman Weekend

Sherman College is gearing up for its spring Showcase Sherman Weekend May 5-6, 2017 (during Lyceum). Other 2017 dates include July 28-29 and October 27-28. Showcase Sherman Weekend is an event for prospective students to explore chiropractic and Sherman College and is designed to ignite students’ passion for leadership as well as help them begin their pursuit of becoming the next generation of DCs2B. Register here for yourself or your prospective student to attend.

Charting the Course: Program Options at Lyceum 2017
The continuing education department at Sherman College of Chiropractic is “Charting the Course” for the future and will be hosting its annual continuing education and homecoming event, Lyceum, May 4-6, 2017, in Spartanburg, SC. Up to 22 hours of CE have been applied for. Here’s a look at all the presenters and programs on the agenda. HURRY for the early bird special price of $349 (it ends TODAY). Regents, check your email or contact the college for your 50% discount code. REGISTER NOW for Lyceum 2017!


  • DR. JON BAKER: Charting YOUR Best Course for YOUR Life
  • DR. JUDY CAMPANALE, '92 ADIO/Penn: Chiropractic Case Management: A Brief Review
  • DR. EDWIN CORDERO: President’s Address
  • DR. STEVE JUDSON: Chiropractic and Mental Health  


  • DR. CINDY GIBBON, '91: HIV/AIDS for 2017 (Risk Management)
  • DR. TIM GUEST, '86: Developing a Compliance Program for the Private Practice (Risk Management)
  • DR. ARMAND ROSSI: Recognizing / Reporting Potential Child Abuse (Risk Management)
  • DR. JOHN MURRAY: SOT Blocking Basics – SOT Category II
  • DR. NALYN MARCUS, '90: Their Bodies, Ourselves: Giving Quality Patient Care and Self Care for the Female Practitioner
  • DR. ERIC JASZEWSKI: Specificity in Chiropractic and the Pierce Results System
  • DR. NATASHA JASKIEWICZ, '07: Chiropractic for Animals
  • DR. RON CASTELLUCCI: Touchpoints: Infant Spinal Analysis
  • DR. TEDD KOREN, '77: The Three Keys to a Successful Practice & Miraculous Patient Care
  • DR. DAN LYONS: Gonstead for the Non-Gonstead Chiropractor
  • DR. DAN SULLIVAN: Philosophy Meets Science: Understanding the Adjustment’s Influence on the Brain
  • DR. MICHAEL HALL: Chiropractic, Neurology, and the Future
  • DR. MARTY ROSEN: The Importance of Pediatric Chiropractic Care
  • DR. LAURA GREENE-ORNDORFF, '95: Navigating Through Radiology
  • DR. CHRIS KENT: Vertebral Subluxation, Critical Thinking & Evidence-Informed Practice
  • DR. SIMON SENZON, '99: R.J. Watkins: The Complete Chiropractor
  • DR. BETH EHLICH, '90: SC Rules & Regulations
  • DR. JOHN DAVILA: The Importance of the 24th Chiropractic Principle (Documentation)
  • DR. ANDREA MARCONI, '04: Urgent Call to Action: Vaccines, Informed Consent & Health Care Decision Rights – What’s at Stake
  • DR. PAT KUHTA, '94: The Sherman System of X-Ray Positioning: Part I


  • DR. JAMI KARR, '00: Infinite Principles
  • DRS. DON & LISA CONANT: On-Site: Corporate Chiropractic Works
  • DR. SHAWN DILL: Building Trust & Credibility – Creating a Practice from a Place of Integrity
  • DR. TIM YOUNG: Absolute Certainty
  • DR. TIM ZOOK: Chiropractic Missions
  • DR. TROY DUKOWITZ: Translating the Philosophy of ‘TIC So People Will Get the BIG IDEA
  • ROBERTO MONACO: How to Attract and Retain More Patients with Group Presentations
  • DR. FRED SCHOFIELD: Latest Technologies Communicating Chiropractic and the Subluxation (Sensory Interference) Complex  


  • DEBRA SOUTHARD & JENNIFER MARTINGANO: Team Based Approach to Mastering Billing, Coding & Documentation
  • SUSAN SCHOFIELD: Harness and Execute the Purpose and Passion of Your Chiropractic Office
  • DR. PAT KUHTA, '94: The Sherman System of X-Ray Positioning: Part I
  • DR. PAT KUHTA, '94: The Sherman System of X-Ray Positioning: Part II, Hands On
  • DR. TIM GUEST, '86: Developing a Compliance Program for the Private Practice
  • ROBERTO MONACO: How to Attract and Retain More Patients with Group Presentations
Kent Honored for Dedication to Chiropractic Education
The Foundation for Vertebral Subluxation has honored Sherman College Director of Evidence-Informed Curriculum and Practice Christopher Kent, D.C., J.D., for his outstanding dedication to the improvement of chiropractic education and for his career-long devotion to ensuring that the concept of vertebral subluxation remains the centerpiece of chiropractic education. Kent is the President of the Foundation for Vertebral Subluxation and joined the Sherman College staff last year. Read the full story at  
Sherman College Interns Participate
in Mexican Mobile Consulate

Interns from the college’s Chiropractic Health Center connected with the community and served neighbors at the Mexican Mobile Consulate in Inman, SC, on February 25. The event was a gathering of more than 100 people, with the goal of providing multiple free services from health education to legal consultations. The Health Center sent several interns, all Spanish-speaking or equipped with an interpreter, to the event.

Chiropractic Health Center Patients
Are Our Sweethearts

The Sherman College Chiropractic Health Center had 314 patient visits on Valentine’s Day this year. This is known as Sweetheart’s Day at the Health Center because current patients receive a free visit on this day of appreciation. The average number of patients seen on Tuesdays at the Health Center is 177. See the announcement on our blog for more information about this event.

Regent Program: Thanks to Sherman's Newest Supporters
Sherman College thanks the following individuals who recently joined the Board of Regents:
  • Sam Ayan, D.C. (Penacook, NH)
  • Karlos Boghosian, D.C. (Hartford, CT)
  • Danielle Drobbin, D.C. (Atlanta, GA)
  • Princess Fowler, D.C., '01 (Spartanburg, SC)
  • LaShanda Hutto Harris (Moore, SC)
  • Jen & Mark Kordonski, D.C.s  (Aberdeen, MD)
  • Reyna LeVan, D.C. (Lambertville, MI)
  • Brian Moriarity, D.C. (Stuart, FL)
  • Tara Scharich, D.C. (St. Joseph, MO)
  • Rebecca Yaun, D.C. (Rome, GA)

    Welcoming Back:
  • Tracy & Peter Amlinger, D.C. (Ontario Canada)
  • George Auger, D.C., '93 (Greenville, SC)
  • Cynthia Gibbon, D.C., '91 (Boiling Springs, SC)
  • Andrew Wahl, D.C. (Chesterfield, MO)
Members of the Sherman College Board of Regents support the college with annual gifts of $1,000 or more. Join the Board of Regents and become a partner with the college, directly impacting campus enhancements and a student recruitment program to grow the profession.
Health Center Names Intern of the Month
The Health Center faculty recognizes interns each month who excel in clinical performance, patient management, professionalism and analytical and adjusting technique. The January 2017 Intern of the Month is Mage Lee of Denver, CO. He graduates in June 2017 and plans to buy a practice in Missoula, MT.
Monday evenings, 9 pm Eastern Time Call 641-715-3650 Access Code: 577840#  
  • March 6: Matthew Loop, D.C.:
    Facebook Strategies that Create More Impact and Income in 2017
  • March 13: Jan Kirschner, D.C.:
    The Information-Induced Subluxation
  • March 20: Simon Senzon, D.C., '99
  • March 27: Dan Sullivan, D.C.
Listen to previous #ShermanConnect calls from 2012-2016 here.
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