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Construction of Gelardi Student Center,
Renovations to Scallon Building Continue on Campus

Transformational change is happening at Sherman College of Chiropractic. These changes are attracting more students, better serving the students already enrolled, and increasing the campus’ capacity to accommodate the growth of the chiropractic profession. As you read this message, construction is active on campus and our capital campaign is underway . Here’s what’s happening with our physical transformation:
  • Olsen Building: house executive leadership and non-academic offices (COMPLETE)
  • Scallon Building: create top-quality classroom spaces through extensive structural and functional changes (IN PHASE 2 of 3)
  • Drs. Thom and Betty Gelardi Student Center: enhance the student experience, host programs and events, accommodate chiropractic professional/community activities (IN PROCESS; the college broke ground an announced the name of this facility in November 2017)
  • Chiropractic Health Center: improve patient care and research facilities, also adding elevator (LATER IN 2018)
  • Campus Entrance: welcome visitors (closing current campus entrances) and transform arrival view with open layout (LATER IN 2018)
Lyceum Registration Open: Early Bird Discount Ends February 28

The continuing education department at Sherman College of Chiropractic is “ Constructing the Future ” and will be hosting its annual continuing education and homecoming event, Lyceum, May 3-5, 2018, at the Downtown Spartanburg Marriott in Spartanburg, SC.
The plenary speaker lineup includes several leaders in chiropractic: Drs. Jeanne Ohm, Edwin Cordero, Dean Sottile and David Fletcher. We’ve brought in experts in SOT, Thompson, NSA, pediatrics, philosophy, radiology, practice management, documentation and so much more.  
Read more about Lyceum 2018 on our blog , or go ahead and register now . Registration cost for a D.C. to attend is $449, but if you hurry, you can get our early bird special price of $349 if registered before February 28, 2018. For questions regarding Lyceum or registration, please email Director of Continuing Education Jillian Kersh, D.C., ’09, at .
Around the World
with Sherman College
In keeping with Sherman College’s vision of “Adjusting the World for a Better Future,” President Edwin Cordero, D.C., and Executive Vice President Neil Cohen, D.C., maintain an aggressive travel schedule filled with events to promote the college, share chiropractic and recruit new students. Here’s a look at where they’ve been and what’s in the works:
  • TLC4SuperTeams in Princeton, NJ (Cordero, Cohen)
  • Dynamic Essentials Chiropractic in Atlanta, GA (Cordero, Cohen)
  • California Jam in Costa Mesa, CA (Cordero, Cohen)
  • Showcase Sherman Weekend in Spartanburg, SC (Cordero, Cohen)
  • AutoPista Americas Recruitment Tour in San Juan, Puerto Rico (Cordero)
  • International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA) in Reston, VA (Cohen)
  • Chiropractic Society of Texas (CST) in San Antonio, TX (Cordero)
  • The Truth Chiropractic Philosophy Seminar in Kansas City, MO (Cordero, Cohen)
Ambassador Spotlight: Jennifer
Sotomayor Pabon of Puerto Rico
Why Chiropractic
Truthfully, chiropractic sort of fell into my lap. My best friend went to Sherman College and invited me to Lyceum. I immediately fell in love with the philosophy and mission of chiropractic. Chiropractors have the ability to help others and empower people to choose a healthier, happier life.
Favorite thing about Sherman
Besides being the most complete chiropractic school, having a solid base in philosophy, science and art, Sherman College is the perfect place to feel like you are at home. You can feel the love and passion of every single person in the school and for me that is AMAZING.
Why Chiropractic
Understanding that our bodies have their own ability to heal is the key to being healthier. I chose chiropractic because I want to bring hope back to the hopeless by educating the world on how amazing our body is and the importance of being subluxation free. CHIROPRACTIC IS LIFE.
Read more about Jennifer (scroll down the page a bit) and about Sherman College’s Student Ambassador Program on the website.
Student Sings National Anthem for Greenville Swamp Rabbits

Sherman College third-quarter student Shawn Swank sang the national anthem at the Greenville Swamp Rabbits game on January 12 at the Bon Secours Wellness Arena downtown ( watch the video here ). Swank, a singer since age five and songwriter since 14, has written, recorded and released several contemporary Christian songs, and he anticipates recording two more songs soon. His current releases include “ Let God Judge Them ” and “ Turn to You .”
Swank says he and his brother, Bobby (who was born with spina bifida and paralyzed from the waist down for his whole life) always wanted to record music together. Sadly, Bobby passed away in 2008. But in 2015, Swank stumbled upon a producer who was able to make this dream a reality. “I am a percussionist and I never had a band to back me up,” Swank explained. “This producer could play everything, so I was able to record three songs.”
His first song, “Let God Judge Them,” he says, was meant “to challenge people to stop looking upon others and passing judgment based upon what can be seen.” Swank’s second song, “Turn to You,” was written about the struggles of addiction. “I wanted to share what can happen when an addict submits completely to God and turns the struggle over to Him,” Swank explains. “I was an alcoholic at one point, so I wrote this song based upon my own convictions. Nobody wants to go through the struggle of addiction alone. I just happened to turn my struggle over to a power that was so much greater than myself.”
Swank’s third song (which has not yet been released) is called, “Walk Through,” and it was written in 2006 while his brother was still alive. “He and I were going to sing it together,” Swank said, “but we never got the chance. The chorus says, ‘The gates of heaven are open and I’ll walk through.’ I recorded this song in remembrance of Bobby.”
ACP Europe Begins in February; Planning Underway for More

Sherman College will have a full house for its popular Academy of Chiropractic Philosophers (ACP) program in Europe for 2018-2019, with all seats filled for sessions beginning this February in Paris. Modules for the European program are scheduled in France, Spain, Italy, Germany and England; the program will conclude in February 2019.
The ACP is a one-year course designed to enhance the understanding, depth and breadth of chiropractic philosophy. Sessions challenge the thinking process and the application of philosophy in the chiropractic profession. Successful completion of the 100-hour program leads to membership in the prestigious Academy of Chiropractic Philosophers , and the ICA Council on Philosophical Chiropractic Standards accepts the successful completion of the ACP for 100 hours toward its Diplomate in Philosophical Chiropractic Standards.
Although the European class is full, the college may consider creating additional programs if there is interest from a group of 20 or more chiropractors in a particular city or region. For details, please contact Ashley Valladares in the Office of Academic Affairs at 800-849-8771, ext. 225, email or visit .
Sixty Complete Doctor of Chiropractic Program

Sixty students from around the world received the doctor of chiropractic degree from Sherman College of Chiropractic in Spartanburg, SC, on Saturday, December 16, 2017. The commencement was a shared ceremony for December 2017 and March 2018 graduates. Read more on our blog and see the photos in our Facebook album .
Showcase Sherman Weekend
Welcomes Prospective Students
Showcase Sherman Weekends for 2018 will kick off on February 9-10, and Sherman College is excited to welcome the next future group of prospective students and their guests.

This is an event for prospective students to explore chiropractic and Sherman College and is designed to ignite students’ passion for leadership as well as help them begin their pursuit of becoming the next generation of DCs2B.
Check out the Showcase Sherman Weekend page on our website to learn more and make sure you watch and share our video! Showcase Sherman Weekends for 2018 are scheduled for February 9-10, August 3-4, and November 2-3, and they will be held off campus at the AC Marriott in downtown Spartanburg during the upcoming campus expansion.

Registration for February is now closed. August and November registrations are open, but space is limited.
Land to Lead Institutional
Advancement and Public Relations

Ohmar Land, D.M., is joining Sherman College as assistant vice president of institutional advancement and public relations. He had previously worked with Sherman College as a consultant since August 2017.
Land has more than 10 years of experience working in fundraising, scholarship program management and leadership for higher education institutions, non-profits, and community foundations including Bowie State University, United Planning Organization, Prince George’s Community College, Thurgood Marshall College Fund, and Foundation for the Carolinas.
While working in higher education, he also taught as an adjunct business professor. He enjoyed teaching business classes and empowering students in the classroom. Land also brings five years of experience working for national and regional healthcare organizations. Land holds a doctorate in management in organizational leadership from the University of Phoenix in Washington, DC.
Faculty Promotions Announced

Congratulations to the following faculty members who have recently been promoted:
  • Rick Brescia, D.C., D.Ph.CS, has been promoted to assistant professor.
  • Brian Dooley, D.C., ’05, A.C.P., has been promoted to assistant professor.
  • Tate Gentile, D.C., has been promoted to assistant professor.
  • Sarah Hock, D.C., ’08, has been promoted to assistant professor.
  • Thomas Kolarik, D.C., ’94, has been promoted to assistant professor.
  • Sarah Stephens, D.C., ’03, has been promoted to associate professor; she is evidence-informed facilitator for the Chiropractic Health Center.
Did You Know?
Success in Practice
Sherman is the only chiropractic college focused on teaching students the business acumen for success in practice with the G10, Graduation Plus 10, program. Sherman College has introduced into its curriculum a proven Practice Success Program that equips Sherman College graduates with the necessary business tools for career success.

This is a powerful partnership with TLC4Superteams that promises to help Sherman students develop the skills they require for success as a practitioner and business owner. Brian Dooley, D.C., ’05, A.C.P., directs the program on campus. Read more.
Sherman Alumnus Serio
Publishes '33' Philosophy Text

Alumnus and international speaker David Serio, D.C., ’99, of Argentina, has published 33, a chiropractic text featuring D.C.s from around the world, including many Sherman College employees and graduates, as they explain the 33 chiropractic principles to the public.
In 33, Serio asks doctors of chiropractic from around the world to explain chiropractic principles to the public, helping readers discover how the principles add clarity and insight to our daily lives and our understanding of the universe. Serio the text with inspirational quotations and his own insightful comments and practical tips. Read more about the book and see which graduates are featured.
Health Center Names Intern of the Month
The Health Center faculty recognizes interns each month who excel in clinical performance, patient management, professionalism, and analytical and adjusting technique. The December 2017 Intern of the Month i s Dominic Lupori of Colorado Springs, CO. Dominic graduates in September 2018 and plans to open a practice in Greenville, SC.
Regent Program: Thanks to Sherman's Newest Supporters
Sherman College thanks the following individual who joined the Board of Regents in December and early January:

Ne w Rege nts
  • Dr. Terri Bonner (Palm Beach Gardens, FL)
  • Dr. Jason Bosko (Greencastle, PA)
  • Dr. Brett Cardonick (Philadelphia, PA)
  • Dr. Mary Connors (North Easton, MA)
  • Dr. Miguel Fernandez (Lowell, MA)
  • Dr. Karl Fischer (Chelmsford, MA)
  • Drs. Stephen & Ashley Genthner (Portsmouth, VA)
  • Dr. Gordon Gibson (Middletown, RI)
  • Dr. Brian Graham (Portage, MB)
  • Drs. Jeff & Cathy Gurman (Monvale, NJ)
  • Dr. Lauren Hamm (Shrewsbury, MA)
  • Dr. Michael James (Canton, OH)
  • Dr. Bob Leib (Virginia Beach, VA)
  • Dr. Michael Magwood (New York, NY)
  • Dr. Kathy Moriarty (Northboro, MA)
  • Dr. Anthony Pineno (Lansdale, PA)
  • Dr. Matthew & Diane Schrier (Keysville, VA)
  • Dr. Thomas Sidoti (Franklin Lakes, NJ)
  • Dr. Kaileigh Strath (Brandon, MB)
  • Dr. Philip Szalowski (Derry, NH)
  • Dr. Trea Wessel (Woodbury, TN)

Members of the Sherman College Board of Regents support the college with annual gifts of $1,000 or more. Join the Board of Regents and become a partner with the college, directly impacting campus enhancements and a student recruitment program to grow the profession.
Monday evenings, 9 pm Eastern Time; call 641-715-3650, access code: 577840#.

  • 01/29/18   Robert Brooks, D.C.
  • 02/05/18   David Fletcher, D.C.
  • 02/12/18   John G. Murray Jr., D.C.
  • 02/19/18   Jessica Harden, D.C.
  • 02/26/18   Jen Steinberg, CCCA
  • 03/05/18   Keith Wassung

Upcoming Co-Sponsored CE Seminars & Workshops
Don’t procrastinate when it comes to your license renewal! Further your knowledge of basic sciences, clinical arts, case management, philosophy and research. Guided by the institutional objectives, the college offers programs and workshops for the purpose of license renewal in most states. These continuing education chiropractic courses are conducted by Sherman College faculty, well-respected chiropractors and extension faculty. 
We Appreciate Our Corporate Regent Sponsor
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