Sherwood Forest Faire - 8 Weekends of Fun!!
12th Annual
Sherwood Forest Faire
Open Weekends: April 3rd - May 23rd, 2021
Sherwood Forest is Where Discoveries are Made!
Greetings and Salutations to the good people of Sherwood Forest Faire!

Week 5 is nearly upon us and it just keeps getting better. As the weeks continue, we invite you to wander into areas you have not yet explored. Take a look into a shop you haven't stepped in. Stop and watch a show you may have missed. Wander along the paths that you have yet to travel. Sherwood is made for discovery.

Read on for more details.
A Health To The Company!
COVID 19 Vaccinations at Sherwood Forest Faire
Sherwood Forest Faire is excited to announce that Moderna vaccinations to be freely offered in the Great Hall at the following times/dates:

  • Sunday, May 2nd, 10am - 3pm
  • Saturday, May 8th, 10am - 4pm
  • Saturday, May 15th, 10am - 4pm
  • Saturday, May 22nd, 10am - 4pm

The vaccinations will be available at No Cost to persons ages 18+. If insured, please bring your insurance or Medicare card (or a photo of it on your phone). You are not required to be insured to receive the vaccination.
Due to the supplies available, the vaccines will be administered first come - first served. No registration is needed.
These vaccines are available to anyone on staff or our Sherwood patrons.
Limitations for 1st dose: 
  • Must be 18 or older.
  • Must be exhibiting no Covid related symptoms.
Limitations on receiving 2nd dose (if you have received the 1st dose elsewhere):
  • Bring your vaccination card (or a photo of it).
  • 1st dose must have been the Moderna vaccination.
  • 1st dose of Moderna given elsewhere must have been administered at least 23 days before.

*Provided by: A+ Lifestyles Medical Group Vaccination HUB (out of Bastrop)
Fifth Weekend Weather!
It rained last Friday a lot.
But the Rally was really hot.
Then Saturday was glorious.
And Sunday, luxurious.
Now I wonder what the spellcasters did spot.

*screenshot from
A Journey With Ddrwg: the Day Dream King
King Ddrwg Awaits You!
Descriptive dream weaving discourse while drinking with King Ddrwg. Follow fantastical Fae and be shepherded through the lanes of Sherwood whilst spellbinding stories are shared, and sweet and savory things are swallowed. Listen and learn legends about leaders and locations both lost and known, only on this private tour with the King of the Dreaming. 

Following Fae through the forest - what could possibly go wrong?

This event takes place on Saturdays and Sundays from 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm. Age 21+ only. The ticket price (available online) includes three adult beverages and excludes faire admission. Your adventure begins at the Friends of Faire booth just inside Sherwood's Front Gate!
Thomas Wood - Pyrojuggler
May 1 – 23 - Now at the Elven Hill Stage

This highly-skilled manipulator of objects uses juggling balls, crystal balls, full glasses of water, clubs, knives, and about anything you could think of. Find this flame-flinging daredevil at the Elven Hill Stage.
Arcade Davinci
Arcade Davinci is our ‏exciting and expanding medieval arcade. Built entirely by hand, the Arcade features some old time favorite games blown up to massive dimensions requiring multiple players to operate. These challenging games are suitable for all ages, have multiple difficulty levels and fabulous prizes. Collaborate to defeat the grand labyrinth, complete our multiple puzzle cubes or battle your friends and family on our newest addition to the arcade: The Pinball Castle. 
We are located between the villagers square and the Three Stags Pub. 
The Great Rondini
May 1 – 23 - Now at Lionheart Tavern

Great Rondini breaks free from heavy chains, iron locks, and a straitjacket which are secured by skeptical patrons like yourself. You’ll find this one-of-a-kind showman at The Lionheart Tavern.
Faery Troll Shenanigans
HeRe there b TROLLS! If you stUmble Upon a bridGe in teh middLe of the Forest, BWARE!
ThiS is tHe hOme of thE Trolls! Be Respktful. Knock 3 timeS. CrOss wiTh a lite step OR PAY THE TOLL!
Performance Schedule for 5th Weekend
Each week brings an amazing array of talented performers in a variety of productions for your entertainment. Performance schedules are available 3-5 days before each weekend occurs and will be available for download with your weekly email update when they are ready.
You can also acquire a printed schedule free of charge at the Front Gate as well as the larger bars (Three Stags, Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem Pub, and the Lionheart Tavern).
Our Camping Friends on the Book of Faces
Want to join a fun group of people and to talk about Sherwood Forest Camping Events? Check out this patron run group on Facebook for all the latest clan and FoF driven events in Sherwood Forest Faire's campground.
(You may even get updates from the campground staff during the week.)
Covid-19 Information
Sherwood Forest Faire has from its earliest days been a healing place for the heart, soul, and mind. Our highest priority has always been the safety of our guests and staff. In order to face the unique challenges opening in 2021 presents, we created a safety committee built from a cross-section of our community including staff, artists, participants, patrons, and camping clan leaders to develop a plan to help minimize the risk to anyone who walks in the forest this season.
Our Prime Directive states:
Masks are required at all times, in all areas of the property, unless you are seated or standing still with your household AND are socially distanced (6’) from anyone not in your household. Anyone on site aged 3 and older will be required to follow this policy. No exceptions.
Our Covid-19 Plan can now be found on our website at this link.
Over 150 Shows Every Day

During Robin Hood’s Spring Faire, we have over 150 shows per day by more than 40 different stage acts. We have full contact jousting, falconry, fire juggling, knife throwing, 10+ live bands, comedy, sword fighting, and a castle siege. Shows for kids, adults, and both!
Over 170 Artisans and Merchants

Our Faire is thrilled to present over 170 artisans and merchants offering distinctive wares, including mostly handcrafted items. You'll have the opportunity to buy directly from leatherworkers, potters, armorers, glassworkers, woodworkers, jewelers, and more.
Follow Sherwood Forest Faire online for the latest details on events and shows.
Sherwood Forest Summer Camp
(Seriously, Teach needs a new opening line)

All of our hands-on activities take place in our 23-acre medieval village. Campers will be transported back in time to a world of knights, ladies, and a simpler way of life. Campers will work with their hands to create useful tools and learn skills that were essential to daily living in the medieval era. No modern entertainment devices will be available.
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