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But wait...There's MORE!

Uplift Mountain Chicken
Click Image for Recipe
Uplift Mountain Chicken

We all need a little extra inspiration during these busy days before Christmas.

This recipe was shared with us many, many years ago by Peggy Showalter from Hutchinson, Ks, and it is just a perfect "Cold-Winter-Night-Comfort-Food-Recipe" for this time of year! Simple ingredients, simple prep, and Oh! So! Good! 
Click HERE for Uplift Mountain Chicken Recipe.
Vicki Adrian
Merry Christmas!

Thank you for allowing us into your Inbox each of these 12 Nights of Christmas!  We truly appreciate the relationship we have with our clients!

Today's special is for our ADRIAN'S VIP's...That means YOU!
We know that Adrian's thrives and survives because of loyal clients just like YOU! THANK YOU!

ADRIANS will OPEN at 7 am this coming Saturday
 12/17/16 for our early bird shoppers! If you like to shop without a crowd, this would be the perfect time to stop by... Evenings are also a great time to shop without a crowd! I would love to have you come by and keep me company!

A few housekeeping notes...

1.  This is the ONLY time during the year that we send daily emails...Please don't worry that we will be in your inbox all the time!

2.  We are happy to take phone orders (620-543-6488) between 10 am and 5 pm, and either HOLD or SHIP to you.

3.  We are creating these offers as we go along, so even WE don't know what the next day's offers will be! :-)

THANK YOU! We look forward to seeing you during the "12 Days of Christmas!"   Vicki Adrian

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