** UPDATED Shift Tutoring Schedule - Biochemistry
Our drop-in large group tutors have been working hard to get into Zoom Meeting format.

You can access each of the sessions below at the appointed time by going to https://zoom.us/home?zcid=2478 and selecting the "Join Meeting" option in the top right corner. Enter the code listed below and drop-in.

If you have never used Zoom before you may have to test your audio/video in order to be heard/seen. The chat feature works without any setup needed.
Anatomy I Lecture
Tutor: Nicolette Homes

Meeting Time
Thursdays @ 11:30 AM

Zoom ID
626 122 161
Anatomy II Lab
Tutor: Adrianna Bigger

Meeting Time
Wednesdays @ Noon

Zoom ID
599 715 2171
Biochemistry I/II
Tutor: Joshua Waschak

Meeting Times
Biochem I - Tuesdays @ 11:30 AM CT
Biochem II - Tuesdays @12:30 PM CT

Zoom ID
Neuroanatomy I/II
Tutor: Jill Whitman

Meeting Times
Neuro I - Wednesdays @ 11:30 AM
Nuero II - Fridays @ 11:30 AM

Zoom ID
Nuero I - 413-701-199
Neuro II - 533-252-351
Radiological Positioning
Tutor: Kevin Meyer

Meeting Time
Mondays @ 2:00 PM

Zoom ID
Peer-Tutoring For You

We are moving fast to meet your needs during unprecedented times. We hope these sessions provide support to you.